My great grandchildren will not be white

That’s a bold prediction from someone so naturally fair of skin and hair.

I am okay with that possibility.

First, I can say that because I have brown offspring from a mixed marriage. In my eyes and their doting Aunties’, these children were beautiful, intelligent and well-behaved.

I was often oblivious to the colour of my children’s skin yet experienced some strange looks and comments when we were out in public. The most humorous and innocent was when a child at the local park asked if I was their babysitter.

Yes, they have met challenges with finding their identity, their place in society. They adapted. They survived. Some of them identify as Black or POC (Person of Colour). None of them have adopted urban stereotypes nor have they been in trouble with the law.

To me, they are beautiful humans, the next generation. I raised them to be positive contributors to their community and to society. They know how to speak up when they see injustices. They too will make beautiful babies if they so choose or can afford to raise a family in this precarious economy.

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I share the anger and disbelief with what’s going on, being spouted by POTUS after the Charlottesville incident. But here I am, challenging my agoraphobia tendencies, my anxieties while enjoying my quiet comforts and white privilege in Canada. I am living, learning and trying to write it down. 

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Paying your kids to move out

I recently helped pay moving out expenses for one of my offspring.

Some Canadian parents are willing to pay their young adult children to stay away from the nest for good.

“A poll by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce says parents are willing to pay their adult children thousands of dollars, if that’s what it takes to get them to leave home.

The CIBC Gifting Poll, conducted in late June, finds that 76 per cent of parents with a child 18 years or older still living at home are willing to provide cash to help their kids move out, marry or move in with a partner.”

FP article: 

The cats are pleased to have access to the spare bedroom, formerly known as “the forbidden zone of the moody artiste”.

Miss Tabby likes to lie in the middle of the floor or scratch at sun spots on the wall. The Old Boy likes having access to the play tunnels. They both seem to like the sound of their voices, their caterwauls echoing off the bare walls. The latter leads me to eventually shoo them out and close the door!

Cats enjoying the empty room

Cats enjoying the empty room

I advised them not to get used to this because one of the fledglings will return to the nest soon.

Bedroom with minimal furniture

Bedroom with minimal furniture

I will be glad to have him back. Also, I can’t afford to help him stay away.

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Walk the talk for Indigenous Spirituality

I will take time off from my professional, working life to join this walk on June 23rd. You can too.


Florence T Lyon

A kind and gentle soul can become frustrated by the empty talk from politicians about Canada 150, reconciliation and healing for the Indigenous people.

For years, groups of Indigenous people, settler descendants and faith leaders have been drawing attention to a sacred place in the middle of the Ottawa River, right here in Canada’s capital. They want the various levels of government to live up to a promise to return the waterfalls and islands to a place of worship.

No more commercial development. No condos!

“The capital city’s historic and magnificent Ottawa River, Chaudière Falls, and the three islands downstream can support Canada’s emergence as a nation that respects Indigenous values and cultures, and showcases them to the world. It is time to bring an honourable vision to fruition.”

Read about the Falls and Islands vision laid out by Algonquin Elder William Commanda and Anishinaabe architect, Douglas Cardinal. 
Read a brief

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Little jot cards get around

Just when we thought I couldn’t find a smaller jot journal…

I received a bag of nifty little key ring language card packs as part of the loot I purchased from a local fundraising auction.

The previous owner used to teach English in Japan. Apparently, these STAD cards are popular and handy for writing, learning vocabulary in English and Japanese. There are places you can buy these online. Don’t ask me to convert the currency tho. 

STAD Word's World Language keyring cards

STAD Word’s World Language cards re-purposed

I gave a couple away to offspring and a workmate. I am re-purposing one as a purse-sized jot notes media. I have called the first collection “Little Blonde Jots”, which are low-tech affirmations or observations written in pen and maybe later enhanced with some illumination – or Crayola markers.  These will be much briefer than entries in the Deep Blonde Thoughts blog.

Let’s see how long this lasts…

As an international detour while searching, I tripped upon an interesting news link about Norway’s plans to build the world’s biggest shipping tunnel in Stad. That’s pretty cool!

On a related note, soon I will travel to the shores of one of our Great Lakes for a boat cruise, to get caught up with family members who are travelling from their current home and workplace in Norway. Small world. Thank you, Internet!

Thanks for dropping by. What low-tech tools are you using to capture thoughts, observations and inspirations?


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The travel jot journal

My recent writing activities have revolved around travel.

Whether I am touring about town on an artist’s date or travelling outside the city, I like to have a jot journal, a notebook of sorts to record observations and capture inspirations. I  may doodle my reactions too.

Jot journal spring travel

Jot journal spring travel 2017

I also like to take photographs that capture the moments and memories.

A colourful wet pathway in Victoria

A colourful wet pathway in Victoria

When I have time, I sit down at one of my chosen computing devices to type up a tale, to sort and select the most meaningful photographs. While writing (typing) I prefer a QWERTY keyboard.

Then I post the written result in one of my many blogs. Here’s a recounting of travel adventures to the west coast of Canada. There’s more to come as money, energy and good health allow.  I intend to dedicate my travels to places in Canada for now. There’s too much weird sh1t going on in the USA to warrant travel there.

Other writing, creative activities revolve around that children’s book idea. That’s where I can invite my inner artist child to express, to share a story with a lesson or inspiration. It’s still simmering on the back burner. Sometimes you gotta let your ideas sit and simmer for a while then come back to add a few ingredients and stir some more.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope your writing activities are going well.




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Why Being Nominated Is a Win – Guest Post by, Mike Martin…

Best wishes to a fellow Ottawa writer whose mystery series I have been following for years. Words of encouragement if and when I start on that next book…


Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Sometimes just being nominated is a win, at least it is for me. My book, A Long Ways from Home, just got shortlisted for the Bony Blithe Award.

The book was chosen from scores of entries to the Bony Blithe Awards which every year recognizes the best in Canadian light mysteries. The Bony Blithe Award (officially the Bloody Words Light Mystery Award) is an annual Canadian award that celebrates traditional, feel-good mysteries.

Now in its sixth year, the award is for a “mystery book that makes us smile” and includes everything from laugh-out-loud to gentle humour to good old-fashioned stories with little violence or gore – in short, books that are fun to read.

The award along with a cash prize of $1,000 will be presented at a conference and gala awards dinner on May 26, 2017 at the prestigious High Park Club in Toronto.

Wish me luck…

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Farewell to March! Hellooo, April!

Finally, we said goodbye to March. It seemed to stick around for-ev-verrrr!

In the Ottawa Valley, it came in like a soggy little lamb.

Drawing of a lamb

Soggy March Lamb

The days dragged on with waiting for buses in to the city and back for the day job. At least I got a lot of reading in or chatting with interesting bus buddies.

I was so happy to welcome the first day of spring.

Drawing of a rooster

Colourful rooster greeting the sunrise


Early in the day of March 31st, the weather seemed very subdued.

Drawing of a march lion

March 31st early morning lion

More snow came by the afternoon and into the dark night. Finally, though… we were able to bid it farewell.

Drawing of a march lion leaving some snow

Bye bye March

Yeah, those are my doodles. You like? You can see more in a Google Photos album I shared on the Internets. I’m playing with ideas for a children’s book and practicing drawing.

You like cats? You can see what the overly-helpful Google Photos Assistant has done with cat pictures I took with my BlackBerry. Visit this album I call “Animani-cats“, a nostalgic play on words from a quirky animation show my kids and I used to watch on TV.

You like time-lapsed photography? Drop by the Deep Blonde Thoughts blog for pictures and words I created while observing one spot of land during 2015 and 2016.

Thanks for dropping by and not disturbing the Tabby.

Have a nice, relaxing Sunday.


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