A sad farewell

We lost a member of the family this week.

Mr. Snuggles had become very sick the past few months and we had to make a decision about his quality of life.

Snuggles the cat 2002 to 2019 RIP cuddle buddy

I think the recent heatwave and humidity did him in. It almost did ME in. His kidney condition was getting worse; he became very dehydrated and limp.

First appointment I could get at the Vet’s office the next morning, I took him in. They provided treatment to keep him comfortable but we all agreed I had to make “the decision”.

They brought us to a quiet room to wait. I signed the papers and paid in advance. They gave me five minutes to say farewell to Snuggles. He looked awful and wouldn’t make eye contact with me. When they came in to perform the final step, I decided that I could not stay. I tearfully said goodbye to my little buddy, thanked the Vet and left him in their caring hands.

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I must admit that I sleep better now and don’t have someone pre-empting my Zen Alarm clock in the mornings. I miss my bedtime cuddle buddy, my Cat on Lap motivator. I don’t miss the interrupted sleep and random messes.

It also appears that Miss Geneva Tabby doesn’t seem to miss him. I think she just tolerated his presence. She’s still our princess and Alpha cat after all those years.

Thanks for dropping by.


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The forbidden room

This is not as enticing a title as “The Secret Garden”.

It has mystery. It has cats.

sign on door no cats allowed

A sign to discourage intruders

It’s just the title of a recent page added by my nom de plume: The forbidden room, under the series Pampered cats and other household gods.





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This is why we can’t have nice things

Me and my clingy, diabetic cat.

Florence T Lyon

I used to say that when the kids were young and rowdy. Now I mutter it because of the elderly cats who still live with me. 

My humble, sparse furniture needs covers and sheets to prevent their fur from embedding into the fibers. See also “Cat Lady Chic“.

cats on couches What do you mean I have to let you wash this fur-enhanced chair cover?

black cat at laptop Snuggles does his morning Cat on Lap thing

Miss Geneva Tabby was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which requires special canned food ($$) and insulin shots twice a day.

At first I hesitated to go the insulin route due to my unease about giving needles to a cat. Now the biggest challenge is making sure she eats breakfast on time so I can give her the morning shot and catch my buses for the day job. This human still needs to work to make the…

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