This is why we can’t have nice things

Me and my clingy, diabetic cat.

Florence T Lyon

I used to say that when the kids were young and rowdy. Now I mutter it because of the elderly cats who still live with me. 

My humble, sparse furniture needs covers and sheets to prevent their fur from embedding into the fibers. See also “Cat Lady Chic“.

cats on couches What do you mean I have to let you wash this fur-enhanced chair cover?

black cat at laptop Snuggles does his morning Cat on Lap thing

Miss Geneva Tabby was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which requires special canned food ($$) and insulin shots twice a day.

At first I hesitated to go the insulin route due to my unease about giving needles to a cat. Now the biggest challenge is making sure she eats breakfast on time so I can give her the morning shot and catch my buses for the day job. This human still needs to work to make the…

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A wobbly winter arrival

It’s not officially winter but we’re getting a mixed bag of weather. 

The past couple of months have been packed with school work, volunteer activities, day job responsibilities and a few social engagements peppered in.

Oak leaves reaching from the fallen snow

Oak leaves reaching from the fallen snow

I recently reached a milestone, success in knowing I have a handle on anxieties, social events and relationships, knowing when to participate and when to politely leave.

Although I have already put up colourful lights in windows and on the wee Christmas tree, I feel sorrow for the fate of the world around me. I have accepted knowing which battles to fight and when to concede, to regenerate and move on.

A wintry path in November

A wintry path in November, a fork in the road

One recent writing attempt dwells at the Deep Blonde Thoughts blog, where I struggle with homework for a difficult topic about the environment and am recovering from an early winter cold.

black cat on lap

The homework monitor keeps me on track


Miss Geneva is getting wobbly with her litter box dooties, not quite making it all inside.  It’s cute but pathetic that she thinks having her front paws in the box is sufficient. Good think for that puppy pee pad underneath!

tabby cat napping on a futon

The final nap on the futon before they took it away

She still likes tummy rubs and pats when she settles beside me on the recliner, half of which she has now claimed as her own. One of my offspring had the nerve to take her futon when he retrieved his furniture from the apartment for a move to the big city.

Thanks for dropping by. Soon the daylight will stay longer and my outlook will be brighter.

What are you working on these days?


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Protecting sacred sites in Canada

Sunday morning reflection and writing with passionate purpose. Where are you offering prayers today?

Florence T Lyon

This is an opinion piece about rights to places of worship and protecting a sacred site in the Ottawa River. 

It’s Sunday morning. Where will you go to worship the almighty, to give thanks for creation? 

Many of us are relieved that we can choose to stay home on assigned days of worship, to offer prayers of thanks in private, that we don’t have to venture out to a church, mosque or temple.

What about those who want to visit a natural location, to make offerings to the Creator at a site held sacred for hundreds of years?

How would you feel if local and federal governments allowed that your place of worship and its surroundings be taken over by developers?

That is what has been happening through obfuscation of facts and irresponsible politics for many decades.

poster for creators first sacred pipe speakers panel October 7 2018

Historians and proponents for protecting Akikpautik and Akikodjiwan have performed extensive research to…

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