A test of unconditional love

Readers of this blog are aware that I am the chief caregiver for my daughter’s geriatric Tabby Cat.

She is almost 17 years old and prone to kidney failure. My daughter used to joke with worry that the cats would outlive me and she would end up having to take them in. Well, one cat down (Snuggles in 2019) but this one is still holding on.

The Cat’s name is Geneva, which I use when speaking fondly to her, responding to her demands and providing hugs. When referring to the expenses, emotional toll and cleanups, I just use “the Cat”.

The old girl recently had a couple of Vet visits to monitor her blood sugar levels, kidneys and general health. A neighbour loaned me her pet stroller for the most recent visit instead of me stuffing her into a carrier and taking taxis. I may need it again next week. I cannot bring myself to purchase one. I swore I would never become “that person”.

How far must one go to provide a good quality of life for family pets without breaking the bank- or becoming a stereotype?

Veterinarian visit in a borrowed pet stroller

The Cat is on a low-carb diet, special $$ canned food with a bit of variety by adding mainstream brands of pate.

She recently had an episode after waking up from a nap, walking wobbly, sniffing along the floor, walls, corners then seeking dark places. When the Cat did this a couple of years ago, a work friend called it “checking for monsters”. I thought it might be a reaction to the heat and recent Insulin injections. I had to hold her up to eat and drink but she was not interested.

By supper time she was back to normal as if nothing happened, requesting pick-ups for a hug and dance around the room. She is getting her peepee business inside the litter box again. I bought two new boxes last month to accommodate her needs. The second one (Litter Locker) seems to serve well. The Vet’s office agreed it was wise to discontinue the Insulin injections until her next checkup.

I was so exhausted by the recent demands and cleanups that I had a dream I was back with my young family, caring for a new baby and changing poopy diapers. Yikes!

The following Saturday, a Robin fledgling landed in our yard and sought shelter from the rain. He frequently called out for his parents, causing my maternal instincts to flare up again.

Robin fledgling sheltering in our yard

We had to keep the cat inside until a parent arrived and attempted to feed the little goofball. It was sadly comical. By Sunday afternoon he was gone, hopefully flown away to rejoin the family.

Why can’t I go outside?

The Tabby Cat seems back to normal but less energetic due to the heat and humidity. Me too!

Hello, human. I would like to charm you into giving me a treat.

Please share, comment (and commiserate) if you are also supporting an aging pet and helping the Vet purchase a new boat.

Thanks for dropping by. Take care. Be kind.


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True patriot love

I feel better now that I could express myself in writing. Canada Day celebrations will be different this year.

Deep Blonde Thoughts

Canada Day 2022 is approaching and celebrations in Ottawa may be tarnished by unwelcome participants.

After Ottawa residents were harassed for many weeks this winter by the “Freedom” Convoy occupiers, many of us cringe when we see someone with a large Canadian Flag draped over their shoulders, or flags fluttering from the back of pickup trucks parked on our residential streets.

Those people disrupted traffic, disrespected the national war memorial and infested downtown residential streets with their noisy, smelly trucks and menacing behaviour. Their financial backers and some western Conservative supporters tried to disrupt democracy and overthrow our fairly elected government while using the vaccine mandates as their focus for complaints.

They used offensive language and visual props encouraging personal attacks on our Prime Minister. They welcomed members of the right-wing Christian and white supremist fringe. They harassed politicians and doctors. They taunted residents who wore protective masks while walking…

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Marching on two years later

It has been two years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the subsequent health and safety protocols, tests of patience and kindness. How are you holding up?

Over the past three months, we have seen selfish acts of defiance to pandemic protocols, threats to science and democracy, foreign funded so-called demonstrations about Freedom. From what I saw with invaders wearing it like a cape, it will be a while before I can look at the Canadian flag with pride again.

We witnessed brazen occupations of Canadian cities, attacks on the sensitivities of residents, and now, a horrible attack on democracy in Eastern Europe. People should stop complaining about their loss of freedom here. Added to the refugees from Syria and Afghanistan, western nations will soon see an increased flow of tired souls from Ukraine seeking shelter and peace. That’s going to add to the demand for existing Canadian citizens still seeking affordable housing.

The human servant and coworkers were forced back to working at the downtown office, performing much of the same tasks we were able to do with remote work for two years. Some coworkers did not show up. Their user accounts were disabled. Their colleagues had to pick up the slack with added responsibilities. People are overworked and unhappy.

Upon arriving home hungry and tired from her long days and bus commutes for those two weeks, the human servant was amused to find the Tabby Cat occupying the bed, almost as if she missed her presence for the day. The Resident Millennial did well to have supper ready too.

The Tabby Cat missed the Human Servant during the work day absence

Silver linings:

  • The Human Servant embraced the opportunity to read a book on the morning bus commutes;
  • The HS is now appreciating a week of vacation;
  • The Tabby Cat had her semi-annual geriatric checkup this week. The knowledge that her health is holding on at sixteen years old balances the weight of a pricey veterinarian bill;
  • A cat person friend recently clued us in to the availability of YouTube videos to entertain and enrich our feline masters. The old girl is slowly embracing this new form of enrichment.
The Tabby Cat encounters the plethora of critter videos on YouTube

Now we’re looking forward to a kind and gentle Spring before the cruel heat and humidity of summer arrives. In addition to the Scarlet Runner beans and maybe a raised garden bed in our wee yard, we plan to grow Sunflowers to show continued support for Ukraine.

Sunflower seeds package

Thank you for dropping by. Stay safe. Stay kind.


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