Doodlers in dangerous times

How are you doing? It has been a month since my last post here.

I am alive, still working from the home office. Grateful that I can do this, thanks to modern technology.

Planning ahead, I registered for a fall class that will be delivered online by my local college. It’s not the same as in-class learning, debating the instructors, comparing experiences and challenges with classmates, and making new friends. At least I won’t have to take public transportation to get there and back!

I am still keeping social distance but glad to have small social bubbles. I swear I have spent more time on the phones chatting with family and friends in the past three months than I have in the past year! It’s important to maintain social contacts however possible without endangering the herd.

Once again, I satisfied requests from my inner child while shopping for groceries a couple of weeks ago. These fine tip, no bleed Sharpie markers were a good addition to the COVID-doodling tools.

I have been practicing basic calligraphy, writing myself positive messages and affirmations.

One Day at a Time

I enjoy sharing these colourful messages with family and friends.

I try to eat well and move my body, especially for early morning walks. I take photos of things that amuse, comfort or inspire me.

Keep on keeping on

Miss Kitty is holding on, waiting for an appointment with a veterinarian closer to home. She had to adjust to me moving sh*t around again, due to recent painting activities on our apartment balconies. She’s not fond of change.

Now that the workmen are done, I can relocate things to enjoy my balcony for brief outdoor excursions and fresh air.

I hope you are doing well, enjoying simple things, harmless hobbies, taking care of yourselves and each other.

Have a lovely day

Thanks for dropping by.


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First, forgive any mistakes because I am trying the new WordPress editor. I also can’t find spellcheck.

Next, I hope regular readers are well and safe.

Friday night I had the TV on in the background while waiting for one of my favourite British dramas to start. Enjoying the glow from the cannabis butter effect, I occupied myself with doodling and colouring with my new magic markers.

What happens when you let your inner child come grocery shopping with you

I wanted to make colourful distractions from the state of affairs. I could not concentrate on reading or heavy cerebral tasks so I took to doodling on scraps of paper. At least I could focus on flowers.

Pretty trippy flowers and vines

It felt good to occupy myself with something creative and colourful. Since being in isolation the past ten weeks, I like to surround myself with beauty and bliss – even more than ever. The feeling doesn’t last forever but I embrace it as long as I can. Like you, I am hoping we get through this pandemic without more unnecessary loss of life.

The Tabby Cat is slow moving this morning. I had to wake her for her insulin shot. It promises to be another beautiful spring day to get out and about for fresh air and exercise – while respecting social distancing protocols.

Tabby Cat: I don’t want to get up yet.

Yesterday morning, I had another creative idea while emerging from the dreamland fog. You can read about it over at the Deep Blonde Thoughts blog. I can’t figure out with this new editor how to mark text to insert a hyperlink so here it is in long form:

I think you will like it. Deep, yes?

Buddha Board art on Impermanence

Thanks for dropping by and not disturbing the kitteh (any more than I already have).

Stay well. Stay safe. Let me and other readers know in the comments section how you are doing and what you are doing to cope during isolation.


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Pandemic poetry prompt – an abandoned pet carrier

Spring is one of my favourite seasons and I look forward to seeing the bursting buds and beautiful blossoms.

I hope regular readers are getting out for walks, fresh air and sunshine. For many people, being in isolation is a harsh new experience. It could be worse.

As an introvert and borderline agoraphobe, I haven’t found it all that difficult. I admit to experiencing some anxieties when running errands and getting groceries. The retailers are doing their best for safe and clean protocols but some shoppers just don’t get it. I can only laugh at my OCD tendencies when I become upset at people who don’t know how to follow instructions like distance line-ups or the big red duct tape arrows on the aisle floors.

On my way home after Saturday morning walkies, I passed through one of the local shopping plazas to see what the storefront lineups were like. Following the pathway to our neighbourhood, I was disgusted by the discarded surgical gloves. This is not a COSTCO parking lot, people! Smarten up!

One thing that caught my eye and tugged at my heart strings was an abandoned pet carrier along the path.

abandoned pet carrier

Abandoned pet carrier

There are many possible explanations but my mind went to the worst-case scenario that some human could no longer take care of their small pet and decided to “set it free” outdoors.

Feel free in the comments section to offer poetic responses, preferably in Haiku form.

Thanks for reading.

Stay home. Stay safe.



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