Protecting sacred sites in Canada

Sunday morning reflection and writing with passionate purpose. Where are you offering prayers today?

Florence T Lyon

This is an opinion piece about rights to places of worship and protecting a sacred site in the Ottawa River. 

It’s Sunday morning. Where will you go to worship the almighty, to give thanks for creation? 

Many of us are relieved that we can choose to stay home on assigned days of worship, to offer prayers of thanks in private, that we don’t have to venture out to a church, mosque or temple.

What about those who want to visit a natural location, to make offerings to the Creator at a site held sacred for hundreds of years?

How would you feel if local and federal governments allowed that your place of worship and its surroundings be taken over by developers?

That is what has been happening through obfuscation of facts and irresponsible politics for many decades.

poster for creators first sacred pipe speakers panel October 7 2018

Historians and proponents for protecting Akikpautik and Akikodjiwan have performed extensive research to…

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Welcoming the cool, crisp autumn

Finally, the Ottawa Valley is getting a taste of autumn weather, as it should! 

Trees with Fall Colours and blue sky

Fall Colours and blue sky

We are enjoying relief from the stifling humidity that was the summer of 2018. Things are getting back to normal three weeks since six tornadoes (!) came through the Ottawa-Gatineau region.  I am thankful that my area wasn’t severely damaged. The worst was losing power for 50 hours and having to toss out contents of the fridge.

This past week I enjoyed my Thanksgiving celebrations and vacation from the working world, plus received visits from a couple of my adult children. It has been a relaxing, manageable week of gratitude.

I pulled out the DayLight lamp to have on during the dark, early mornings after the boy wakes me up for breakfast service.

black cat in front of laptop

Early morning Cat on Lap with the DayLight Lamp


On the education front, I am one-third of the way through my online course titled Environmental Citizenship. The readings are sobering, especially since hearing about the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  It’s depressing when you think about the world we’re leaving for our children, our grandchildren and beyond.

It’s frustrating when recently-elected politicians deny climate change and cancel green energy projects approved by their predecessor. What a vindictive, uneducated act!

As for writing activities, they are mostly reserved for class assignments and drafting text with well-thought out content before posting to discussion forums or making meaningful comments on other students’ entries. It’s not as enjoyable as writing about life with my furry roommates.

The cats are enjoying the cooler temperatures too, conducive to snuggling, burrowing under bedspreads, or occupying a human’s lap.

tabby cat relaxing

Miss Geneva parks her lower half on my lap on the recliner

Miss Geneva is having a hard time jumping up onto higher surfaces, especially to look out the windows. We had to move some tables around to make it easier for the old gal.

I recently picked up Tri-Acta powder from the local pet shop, something to mix with her wet food that will eventually, hopefully repair cartilage and reduce inflammation in her joints.

tabby cat on a small table by the windoe

Miss Geneva enjoys a lower window seat arrangement

I had to purchase another shallow litter pan since she was having a hard time getting in and out of the large one, making “mistakes” on the carpet or hardwood floor nearby.  It’s like they have a his and hers set to do their dooties in now.

shallow cat litter boxes

His and Hers litter pans

So far, we have a 90% success rate.

cat box Haiku

The cat box Haiku still rings true after all these years


Cleaning up after them is still a labour of love. At least I’m not picking up poop after walking a dog three times a day then bringing the baggie back home to toss in the garbage or flush. That’s what responsible pet owners do, right? Well, not always in our neighbourhood! Don’t get me started on that…  

Thanks for dropping by and reading this far. Check out the links for my novel or deep blonde thoughts. I hope the next time I post something, I will have survived that course and not gotten too depressed about the state of our world.

So… what are you working on these days?


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Surviving the stinky summer

Summer is almost over and I sure won’t miss it.

I don’t think the cats will either.

Tabby Cat surviving the heat

Tabby Cat surviving the heat beside the air conditioner

We had too many heatwaves in the Ottawa Valley, too many hot, sticky days and uncomfortable nights. Blerg! At least the morning walks were refreshing but some days, the air was moist and heavy.

I had to put a thin towel under my laptop when I was doing my homework.

Black cat and laptop

The cat on lap helped me focus on my homework

I got in a fair bit of writing over the past few months, but mostly for school assignments. I am so relieved that the semester is over! It was a challenge with two night classes and working full-time.

I’m at the tail end of an email server migration for work this weekend. It has been six years since the previous one.

This morning I spent quality time with my furry darlings in-between testing things.

Black Cat on lap surprised

Every day is Black Cat Appreciation Day around here (or BC tolerance Day)

Otherwise, my writing activities lately involve letters and birthday cards for my grandchildren. I’m going to encourage them to learn cursive too. That way, they will be the chosen few who can read the scripts of ancient times before 2018.

Thanks for dropping by and not disturbing the Tabby.

What are you writing or working on?



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