Coming Events: Sgt. Windflower Mysteries

I have been following the Sgt. Windflower mystery series and now look forward to obtaining a signed copy of the fourth book. You can too.


Sgt. Windflower Mysteries

Things are very exciting these days at Sgt. Windflower Mysteries. There are newspaper articles and radio shows and even a TV appearance coming up. Plus, a Book Launch in Ottawa on October 13 and another event in Kingston on October 22. First up is a radio interview on The Carol Anne Meehan show on 1310 NEWS in Ottawa on Wednesday September 28. I should be on live around 2:30 pm EST. I will try and post an audio clip later once it becomes available.

There has been a short delay in getting books into Chapters and Indigo stores but they be there soon. Below are the retail and online locations where you can buy A Long Ways from Home.

Book Launch Ottawa October 13

Come Celebrate the Launch of the latest Sgt. Windflower Mystery

A Long Ways from Home

6:30-8:00 pm Thursday October 13, 2016

Books on Beechwood


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New e-book release

While your own writing projects are simmering, you can use some creative energy and technical prowess to help friends with their goals of getting books published too🙂 Read on…

Native Amazonian Elder/Healer

It has been a while since we posted but we have exciting news!

Roberto has just released  “The Boy Who Spoke to the Birds” in e-book format. Please visit Smashwords for more information and to download a preview.

The Boy Who Spoke to the Birds - e-book cover The Boy Who Spoke to the Birds – e-book cover

Roberto is in the process of publishing short story collections on his growing up in the Amazon, and more legends passed down from his Grandfather.

Thank you for dropping by.

Theresa and Roberto

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Stretch, breathe and purr

I am letting the cat out of the bag.

That’s just a colloquialism, not a reflection on my pet care practices.

For the past three weeks, I have reduced my morning time online by about 30 minutes. That’s a good thing.  You can find out why over in the Deep Blonde Thoughts blog.

Tabby cat sitting on futon before yoga lesson

“Are you sure you don’t want some advice on stretching?”

That’s about 30 minutes less of writing time!

Considering the quality and narrow focus of my writing lately, that too could be a good thing😉 I have committed myself to stretching, bending and sweating at least five mornings a week. The other two will allow me time to write bad poetry, take pictures of the cats and post drivel like this.

Some of my stories and writing projects need time to rest or simmer. In the meantime, you might be interested in that novel from 2011 about a priest, his biological daughter and a retired exotic dancer. One of the characters is a cat.

Well, I hope you were not led astray. Thanks for dropping by and not disturbing the sedentary Tabby.



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Nice. Curiosity. Keep asking questions. Just know which ones are worth risking one of your lives…

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

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That summer fur coat

Phew! I am not a summer person. Neither are the cats, I think.

On several occasions this month, I found either one of them in a stretched out melting pose. I feel bad for them with their fur coats and all. I would not go as far as to shave them though. Give them a bath? The boy might be an easy wrestle but that tabby will put up a fight, tooth and claw.

two cats on floor

Two cats appreciating the air conditioner – although noisy


When the whiny boy wakes me up for breakfast duty, I try to appreciate the experience by observing, admiring the pink and gold haze of the morning light.

Writing desk by window

Early morning haze over my writing desk

After doing my glamorous domestic duties, I like to cool off and rest my feet. Sometimes Snuggles beats me to it on my favorite spot.

black cat on couch staring at human

Snugs takes over my nesting, reclining area

… >^..^< …

Sometimes, he will join me as I catch up on watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine on Netflix. He’s such a nerd ;-^

black cat ears in front of tv displaying DS9

Snugs watching DS9 with me

… >^..^< …

Sometimes, Geneva will join me too.

tabby cat ears in front of tv displaying DS9

Geneva relaxing with me, catching up on DS9

… >^..^< …

Snugs often keeps me company in front of another screen as I reach into the ether, connect with family and friends and try to get in some creative writing.

cats relaxing in air conditioned room

Snugs keeping me company in front of the Mac

Thanks for dropping by. If you’re looking for some bittersweet, Canadian fiction check out The Year of the Rabbit.

Thanks also for not disturbing the Tabby.  That other guy?  Well…


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The cat grass grow-op

I used to grow small pots of cat grass for the darlings from seed. I also used to purchase small pots when time and energy were limited.

One particular darling used to find a way to barf it up in surprise locations around the home. So I stopped doing that silly human trick.

Recently I had an urge for a short-term, time-lapsed photography exercise. Someone had gifted me a sturdy, shallow wooden box. I thought “How nice it would be to grow a patch of grass for the cats to sit in while visiting the balcony.” Ah, yes.. the balcony…

Then logic crept in but quickly flew out the window when I thought “What if they try to eat the grass and get sick? Why don’t I just grow a patch of cat grass instead?”

crazy cat lady cat grass grow-op

The Cat grass grow-op begins

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


If you like this little time-lapsed project, you will surely like my 1 park bench, 2 trees, 4 seasons post over at the Deep Blonde Thoughts blog. That took me a year to collect. Call it an act of patience or an obsession😉

If you’re looking for some serious, thoughtful writing see what my pen name has been up to with her Is nothing sacred anymore? post.

If you like my quirky writing style and cat pictures, why not follow the blog by email? See the email subscription to the right if you’re using a regular web browser. If you came in via mobile view… you’re on your own.

Thanks for stopping by and not disturbing the Tabby. Do you need some cat grass by chance? Or a cat?

cats in livingroom and a box of fresh cat grass

A lazy Saturday afternoon with the cats, admiring the fruits of little labour


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Unconditional love?

I recently had a dream I dropped one of the cats off the balcony.

It was only a dream and happened by accident as I was trying to hold onto Mr. Snuggles. He slipped through the vertical railings from tumbling playfully with a black squirrel. I grabbed the fur on his neck but lost my grip. Upon rushing down the stairs and outside the apartment building in my nightgown, I discovered he survived the fall.


Now… this dream could have been a subconscious desire after the darling had woken me up twice between 4:00 and 5:30 a.m.  – first to serve breakfast then again to open the balcony door for him and Miss Geneva.  It seems to be a regular habit, of him dragging me out of bed with his pitiful meows and persistent demands.


Mr. Snuggles declares it looks to be a beautiful day out there

I am committed to this feline servitude until one of us dies. The way they watch us sometimes makes me worry that they already are making plans.

Geneva tabby close-up

Geneva Tabby watching me as I re-pot plants circa 2007


Snuggles the cat lurking, watching the humans who have taken over the soft napping surfaces

Of course, I think they are smart enough to know that if the servant woman is no longer around, they won’t be spoiled with soft breakfast food or tasty dental and hairball treats.

Who will scoop out their litter box? The resident artiste? Maybe… for  a few days.

Other than complaining about the cats’ habits, my recent writing endeavours have been focused on social justice issues and personal growth.

I joined 600 other people on June 17th for a Free The Falls / It Is Sacred walk from Victoria Island in the Ottawa River to Parliament hill.  You can read an account of the day, published by my pen name Flo.

This is an important cause to stop more luxury condos and commercial development on the islands held sacred by the Algonquins and other Indigenous peoples.

Free the Falls - Chaudière Falls Ottawa River

Free the Falls – Chaudière Falls Ottawa River

You can visit my Deep Blonde Thoughts blog to read how I learned about this important cause. The struggle is not over.

Thanks for dropping by. If you’re looking for some bittersweet, Canadian fiction check out The Year of the Rabbit.

Thanks also for not disturbing the Tabby.  That other guy?  Well…


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