Transit Strikes – I despise them!

This sucks with being limited to where one can travel (within the city of Ottawa) because the OC Transpo drivers, mechanics, etc have been on strike since Wednesday.  I like the idea of letting the members vote on an offer from the City and not letting the Union or "senior" members bully and interfere.  I really wonder how many of them actually voted in the first place to show 98% were in favour of striking?

Thank goodness I was able to telecommute on Thursday and Friday.  Let’s see if I will have to do it again this coming week.  I kind of miss my co-workers and the physical activity of walking down/up from/to the bus stops every day  ;-^

Come on people.  Let’s move along.  You have jobs.  You likely have your own house and vehicle and have kids in university.  You likely have more comforts that many of us common folk. 

Transit worker scheduling: An issue worth striking over?

Transit strike another blow for Ottawa’s charities, poor


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