Sidewalk etiquette peeve

Peeve:  What is it with people who insist on walking shoulder to shoulder on sidewalks and don’t think to do the courteous "single file" move when approaching others?  Dorks. 

And then.. there are the induhviduals who walk in the middle of the sidewalk or on the left-hand side.  I don’t like to emulate vehicles and road rules but you’re supposed to walk on the right hand side.  Learn a little etiquette.  Just like boating, pass on the port side. 



About shewrite63

I am Theresa. I am a Mother, Grandmother and intermittent writer. I published a bittersweet novel under the pen name of Florence T Lyon. I am also a real life survivor, cynic and IT support worker trying to keep up with technological changes. Can't eke a living off of my writing skills - yet!
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