Some good tips that merit reminders and refreshers. I don’t do dating sites though… Thanks, VP.

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In the wake of LinkedIn being hacked and exposing 6.5 million passwords, it seems there are opportunists just waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting internet users.

Some basic rules when using the internet :

  1. You don’t give your password to some random website so they can “test it” for you – you go directly the website concerned, type the address in yourself, sign in and change your own password.  
  2. Don’t ever give your internet sites passwords to anyone, ever.
  3. Don’t ever click on links from emails saying you need to check your password, ever.  Refer to point 1.
  4. You especially don’t click on links from emails from supposed banks tell you to confirm you account details, ever!  Banks don’t do this, scam artists do.
  5. Don’t give out your home address to someone on a dating site you’ve never met before – meet in public places during the day.

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