Good advice from the SharePoint Therapist. Always good to ask questions before creating yet another SharePoint site…

The SharePoint Therapist

During a recent SharePoint governance discussion, we talked about the process for responding to requests for new sites.

One thing I brought with me from my last job was an understanding of just how bad site sprawl can get.  I knew going into the meeting that management only had a vague idea about sites, the reasons for creating them, and the reasons for NOT creating them.

So I came prepared with a handout with a few brief sentences that management could understand and buy into.  With this plus a description of the out-of-control scenario of site sprawl, I got my buy-in.

What is a site?
A site is a collection of lists, libraries and pages with similar ownership, access rights, and intent.

When should a site be created?
Consider creating a site when:

  1. Content access controls are different
  2. Content ownership is different from that of existing sites
  3. Intent of the content is significantly…

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