Sharing a list of some noteworthy Canadian cloud computing providers. Thanks, Learning Tree International. From a Canadian.

Perspectives on Cloud Computing & Training from Learning Tree International

As I return from my vacation and prepare for my upcoming class in Ottawa I have been thinking about the current state of affairs regarding cloud computing in Canada. I love cloud computing and I love Canada. It is only natural that these two things should find their way into a blog post!

Firstly, none of the major cloud providers have yet seen fit to physically host a data center in the Great White North. Why that is I don’t know. Perhaps it is just too gosh danged cold.  Secondly, some organizations in Canada have a concern that their data not be hosted in the U.S. So where does that leave us? Certainly some organizations in Canada could use a public cloud service like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Alternatively they could choose to host their own private cloud.

None of this has anything to do with technology, of…

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