My First SharePoint Saturday

Last week provided a whirlwind of events, milestones and follow-up tasks in my work life.

The week was nicely topped of with a visit to the first official SharePoint Saturday event in Ottawa. I had been anticipating this for months. Fact is that I was that certain person who suggested it through a local user group then skillfully avoided volunteer tasks leading up to the event. I did though participate in cleanup activities at the end of the day prior to the SharePint social.  You can view some interesting pictures in one of my other blogs.

Although I missed the morning keynote due to a very late OC Transpo bus (grumble, grrr), I was able to arrive in good enough time to catch the first session. The remainder of the day was packed with more 30 minute or 1 hour sessions, snack breaks, a warm lunch and hallway chats.

SharePoint Saturday was an excellent, FREE event for professional development and networking. Unfortunately, I experienced the dilemma of deciding which sessions of interest to attend because some were scheduled at the same time.

Pub Italia Men's room door

Pub Italia Ottawa Men’s room door

Kudos to the organizers, sponsors, speakers and volunteers.  I was glad to see and hear some MVPs whom I encountered at previous SharePoint events.   Nods to the people who Tweeted prior to the conference and during the sessions to promote the event, speakers, sponsors and the much-loved SharePoint platform.

I was happy that my feedback form was picked during the door prize draws.  As I quickly scanned the prize table, my eye caught a book I had wanted to read for many months.  Zoink! 

book Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Creating and Implementing Real-World Projects

Personally, I did not Tweet during the event since I am one of the rare hold-outs who does not yet have a “smart phone” or carry a tablet to events.  I like to focus on the speakers and sessions as they happen, ask intelligent questions and take pen and paper notes.  I get distracted easily.  I am also very shy.  When I get online, in front of a Mac qwerty keyboard though I am a fountain of opinions and ideas.

Thanks for dropping by and for not waking the kitteh.



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