Networks, webs and support groups

I like meeting new people and learning new skills.  I also enjoy dining and sharing with friends.

This past week, I attended three networking events.  One provided an overview of Social Media for Writers.  The second was a serious, stand-up gathering of professionals.  The third was a relaxing sit-down gathering of friends.


Desserts of meetings past

You wouldn’t know it from my shy, reclusive tendencies but I am the main instigator for a group of lady writing friends who get together once a month.  It started with a few close friends in the same writing group who provided a needed support network.  Over time, the attendee numbers grew.  So did the list of eateries!

The original plan was to pick a different restaurant where we could dine and share news – plus a bit of gossip.  After a few months of testing out different locations, we seem to have finally agreed on one that provides accessibility, affordable meals and excellent service.  Thank goodness!

We have also established some order in our gatherings where each person can get in a few minutes to speak.  You could likely imagine what chatter occurs when you get six to eight creative ladies together over food and drinks!

Yesterday’s dinner went well.  During a round-table session, each person had a chance to share recent accomplishments, works-in-progress and future plans.  This appealed well to my structured tendencies and empathy for others who are not as vocal in a group setting.  The other ladies listened politely then offered advice if a member presented a particular challenge during her update.

As an expression of compassion for others and gratitude for our good fortunes, we have been soliciting contributions for local women’s shelters.  Some members have stories to tell about their own experiences in that regard.  A few have even published books based on those experiences and how they survived unhealthy, violent relationships.  You’ve come a long way, ladies.

By the time my turn came around, we were settling our bills and gathering our coats.  At least I had two minutes to share my accomplishments, works-in-progress and future goals:

  1. My novel, The Year of the Rabbit received two good reviews online (yay!).  I am looking for more, by the way.  See what other readers have offered
  2. I’m considering a second print edition which will involve revisions and a new cover design.  Challenges?  Finding a good, affordable editor, a cover designer and publisher.  No problem, right? This should be done by 2023… 
  3. Since I didn’t do a backup of some writing projects on my old, dead Mac (tsk, tsk) I’m working on memory to reconstruct a short story that precludes the novel, titled “The Conception of Sera”, describing Father Giovanni and Marie Fletcher’s steamy encounter in 1962.
  4. I am also getting in more time for reading and enjoying fiction rather than dry, technical tomes.  It sure makes the long, daily commute a pleasant experience.  Follow my nom de plume’s reading list on Goodreads.

pen and paper

In addition to my creative outlets (and distractions), I am thankful that I have good-paying work, a professional life in which I can contribute to different organizations and groups. I find great value in building relationships and acquiring new skills.

How about you?  Relevant comments are welcome.

Thanks for dropping by.



About shewrite63

I am Theresa. I am a Mother, Grandmother and intermittent writer. I published a bittersweet novel in 2011 under the pen name of Florence T Lyon. I am also a real life survivor, community volunteer, Archives and Records Management graduate, and long-time IT support worker trying to keep up with technological changes. Can't eke a living off of my writing skills - yet!
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