Book Review : Salt, Sugar, Fat – How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Aside from going cold turkey from cheese, I would be willing to try advice offered by this blogger and the authors of this book. Advertising campaigns targeted at children cause me concern. See also a description of a much loved children’s musician, Raffi who will not advertise his products directly to children. Kudos.

Views from Veronique

salt sugar fat

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  • “60% of supermarket purchases are unplanned.  Anything that enables the shopper to make a faster, easier, better decision will help spur these unplanned purchases.”
  • “The new energy drinks have the best chance with the urban upscale shopper; while the rural ethic and urban shoppers remain slightly more loyal to soda.  Depending on it’s clientele, each store has a unique DNA.”
  • “But the real genius of their marketing plan was found in a contrivance that would appeal to both kids and moms.  The drinks were made mostly with sugar, artificial flavours and preservatives.  In each plastic bottle however, the company would add a splash of real fruit juice.  It was barely half a tablespoon, a mere 5% of the total formula; but the Kool-Aid managers already new that even a hint of fruit was worth a zillion times its weight in marketing gold.”
  • “The…

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