Head in the Clouds

It has been one blurry, informative week – and another is on the way.

Through the support of my employer, I was able to attend SharePoint Summit 2013 in Toronto.  It was not my first time.  I am a SharePoint proponent and wearer of many hats for that platform.  I appreciate how it helps people share information, find information plus communicate activities, events and issues.

Along the VIA Rail train ride to Toronto, I relaxed and listened to Mother-themed playlists on CBC Music (although the wireless service was a little patchy at times). I took pictures, I read, did Sudoku puzzles and ate some delicious meals that were included in the fare. Bonus!  I thought about my children and the lovely pre-Mother’s Day celebration they arranged.

Cloud Shapes Momma and Child

Cloud Shapes from a train – Momma and Child

I enjoyed the bright yellow fields of dandelions and reminesced about one of my favourite summer-themed books, “Dandelion Wine”.

Field of dandelions

Field of dandelions – pictures from the train

While in Toronto, I got to do some touristy things like wander around the University, Queen and Yonge Street area.  I took many pictures.  I made a mental note to purchase comfortable sandals at a Walking on a Cloud store I discovered during one of my evening strolls.

Toronto Cloud Gardens sign

Toronto Cloud Gardens sign on the old Temperance Street

During the SharePoint Summit conference, I was able to catch up with acquaintances and make new connections.  A lot of seminars were focused on the newest flavour: SharePoint 2013.  The three-day program included many sessions on the topic of cloud computing and cloud storage.  We learned about options for public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud computing.

CN Tower at Night May 2013

CN Tower at Night looks dwarfed behind other buildings.

There are opportunities and risks with cloud computing:

I have a lot to learn yet who knows what will change in another two years?

One area that appealed to my sometimes obsessive sense of order was that of information architecture, of identifying and organizing data plus making sure documents, files and information would be easy to find.

The conference was very informative.  The speakers were very good.  The food was tasty.  The hotel room with the king sized bed was great!  I missed having one or two furry friends sharing the bed.

The train ride home was enjoyable during the time I chatted with an interesting young seat-mate who is an Occupational Therapist.  We found it odd and humorous that two of the little plastic glasses kept leaking white wine on my tray – and my jeans.  The flustered porter accommodated my request to top up the third cup to make up for the loss.

Clouds Sunset May15 Train Home

A Shaky pic of Sunset clouds May15 on the Train ride Home

The trip and conference provided informative and enjoyable experiences.  I hope you appreciated the cloud connections in my post.  If that didn’t get your interest, then here’s a picture of a cat:

Tabby cat May 2013

Geneva Tabby Cat glad to see me home (I think)


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