An evening stroll through the park

After a lovely milestone celebration dinner out with my three favourite people, we went for a stroll near Dow’s Lake.

It was interesting to see the Commissioner’s Park flower beds  in August, months after the tulips had their moment in the sun.  The clouds dispersed long enough for us to take our after dinner stroll through the rain-soaked patchwork of green, purple and red.

Flower beds Commissioner's Park

Flower beds Commissioner’s Park

It was refreshing to have the pathways mostly to ourselves! We took turns with photo opportunities.


We had fun at the expense of The Man with Two Hats statue.


We ooh-ed and awe-ed as we walked deeper into the gardens and saw more colourful flowers.

Commissioner's Park August Gardens

Commissioner’s Park August Gardens

After encountering a commemoration plaque for Air India Flight 182, our mood became sombre and respectful.

Air India Flight 182 Commemoration Plaque

Air India Flight 182 Commemoration Plaque

4AirIndiaCommemorationPlaque2 4AirIndiaCommemorationPlaqueGardens1We moved on, avoiding the three gentlemen practicing martial arts to the right of us.  The remainder of the tour brought us another strange piece of art.

Sculpture at Commissioner's Park

Sculpture at Commissioner’s Park

One of my companions reminded us that it was getting late.  The skies were darkening.  I captured a picture of the half moon.

Park Moon Trees

Park Moon Trees

One companion took off on his bicycle.  The remaining party walked back towards Little Italy to catch our respective buses to our next destinations.

Little Italy sign at Carling Ave.

Little Italy arch sign at Carling Ave.

We all returned to our little corner of the city, via different paths of space and time.

Thanks for dropping by. Keep watching for more pictorial blog posts about parks around the city of Ottawa. Ahh, vacation!



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