A trio of city parks in one day

I visited three Ottawa area parks and two rivers on Thursday.  

Thank goodness I packed my water bottle for the earlier excursion.  It was rather foolish of me to wear black!

This is a continuation of my near-obsessive desire to visit as many Ottawa area parks as possible during my vacation.  On Monday, it was Dundonald Park and Piazza Dante.  On Tuesday evening it was Commissioner’s Park.  This got me out for fresh air, exercise and perhaps a little too much sun.  

Thursday provided a whirlwind of park tours. The first was for a recon visit after a doctor’s appointment, the second I was just passing through, the third was after a lovely dinner with a friend.

Park #1:  New Edinburgh / Stanley Avenue Park

(Actually, I think this counted for 2 parks)

New Edinburgh Park Poets Path

New Edinburgh Park Poets Path


I recalled the days I volunteered with a couple of local organizations who wanted to see this Poets’ Pathway dream realized.   I am happy to have encountered another marker along the pathway.  Permit me to lead you on a detour to earlier tours and ramblings about McCarthy Woods, Beechwood Cemetery and Poet’s Hill)

Plant life on the shore of Ottawa River

Plant life on the shore of Rideau River New Edinburgh – Bees are in there somewhere


New Edinburgh Park view of Parliament

New Edinburgh Park view of Parliament Peace Tower

New Edinburgh Park Graffiti or Tennis Court art?

New Edinburgh Park Graffiti or Tennis Court art?

Park path towards Sussex - Structures in the distance

Park path towards Sussex – Structures in the distance

Park view of Parliament Peace Tower - one more shot

Park view of Parliament Peace Tower – one more shot

Stanley Ave Park Map

Stanley Ave Park Map – No longer lost – just detoured…

I really should have turned right instead of following those scenic bridges and walking, walking down hot, busy streets with no bus service at all!  But what’s a vacation without a little adventure? 

Park #2:  Confederation Park

After a well-needed lunch and visits to downtown government offices, I trotted across Laurier Avenue to pass through the cool, shady cover of Confederation Park.  The last time I recall visiting was during Winterlude, to view the ice sculptures.  Now there’s a refreshing, cool image! 

Confederation Park

Confederation Park


Confederation Park benches, fountain and more downtown construction in the background


Confederation Park Statue of… Colonel By? and a dog?

ConferationPark3Fountain2 ConferationPark4ByCommemoration




I could have cropped out the irreverent, crude graffiti but chose to keep it as proof of our urban, testosterone influences. 



Park #3:  Remic Rapids

After riding the eclectic city bus home, showering and resting my tired tootsies, I headed out again for a lovely belated birthday dinner with a friend.  We later strolled around the Remic Rapids area to shake down supper, to chat and enjoy the fresh air of an August sunset along the Ottawa River.


Remic Rapids facing north-east on Ottawa River

Remic Rapids Map

Remic Rapids Map – orienting ourselves


Complimentary Canada Geese strutting around as if they own the place


Stone / rock sculptures by John Ceprano and others

I admired the patience, skill and persistence of the artists for creating these sculptures along the shallow waters of the Ottawa River.  Come winter, the sculptures will be frozen in place then tumbled down in the rushing spring flow.  The artists will come back next summer and start all over again.

RemicRapids5RockSculptures2 RemicRapids5RockSculptures3 RemicRapids5RockSculptures4 RemicRapids5RockSculptures5 RemicRapids5RockSculptures6Visit http://www.jfceprano.com/natural-rock-sculpture/balanced_rock_sculpture for more info on the balanced rock sculptures art form.

TJ at Remic Rapids Aug. 15.  Enjoying my vacation outings around Ottawa

TJ at Remic Rapids Aug. 15. Enjoying my vacation outings around Ottawa

What a full day of touring, getting things done, walking, walking! and spending a lovely summer evening with a friend.

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