Illuminating tour

On Saturday I enjoyed a lovely dinner with family then took an early evening stroll through another city park.

This is a continuation and hopefully the final entry to my visits to as many Ottawa area parks as possible during my vacation.  

El Meson Table Lotus Candle Holder

El Meson Restaurant – Lotus Candle Holder

After one consumes a delicious Spanish or Portuguese influenced meal and imbibes in a bottle of red wine, one should join companions for an evening walk around the neighbourhood or through a city park.

By the time we finished our dinner, the sun was already setting.  We strolled down Beechwood Avenue and its side streets towards New Edinburgh Park to the Lumiere Festival.

We could not have asked for a more perfect evening. There was a cool breeze.  The sky was clear so that we could recognize constellations and observe the rising, waxing moon.  Music wafted in from different corners of the park.  Families and fairies weaved their way along the paths.

We could have had a more steady person handling the camera though.

The following are a few of the best shots I captured.   Once the low battery power indicator displayed on the camera, I gladly turned the thing off and just enjoyed the stroll.

Glow Sticks at the 2013 Lumiere Festival

Glow Sticks at the 2013 Lumiere Festival

2013 Lumiere Festival

2013 Lumiere Festival – Goose canoe on Rideau River

I really enjoyed the field of bunnies!

LanternBunnies1 LanternBunnies2

2013 Lumiere Festival

2013 Lumiere Festival


There were many other creative paper lanterns lined up, illuminating the dark pathways.

2013 Lumiere Festival

2013 Lumiere Festival

There were even lanterns strung up the trees.


My companions and I agreed that it was a very enjoyable evening.  We may return next summer and bring a few more people along with us.

Thanks for dropping by.




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2 Responses to Illuminating tour

  1. Great park. The live resident bunny crossed the stage during a live performnce by Odyssey Theatre I saw there.

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