Questions that have my curiosity

Please skip this blog post if you are not a cat person. 

A friend recently gifted this book to me:  Why Does My Cat Do That?

It’s the perfect size for bus reading, waiting-for-bus reading, waiting room reading when I tire from people watching.   It contains illustrations, short explanations and a helpful index.

It’s like getting inside a cat’s little head, to understand why it does those weird things like:

  • figure out how to open my closet door;
  • eat grass then barf it up;
  • having those “crazy” tail-chasing episodes.
Snuggles the cat sniffing the book

Snuggles the cat sniffing the book Why Does My Cat Do That?

It seems to do a good job at explaining cat behaviour.   It can’t help us figure out other humans though. 

If you are indeed a cat person and wish to participate in a survey about cat scratching habits, you can do so at this link:

Thanks for dropping by and not waking the Tabby.




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2 Responses to Questions that have my curiosity

  1. Katherine says:

    OMG – we’re been wondering things like that for years!! Will have to go out and get that -stat!

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