Mercy for the mouse

There has been a fair bit of excitement in le petit apartment the past couple of days.

Despite being cooped up due to the ice storm sweeping across central and eastern Canada, we have done well to keep ourselves entertained and connecting as a family this weekend.  Thank goodness we have electricity and the company of the Internet too.

The cats were vigilant, lurking in and near the kitchen on winter solstice.  Miss Tabby surprised us by catching a mouse then releasing it into the living room, causing much excitement.

Today, after hours of lurking in one corner under the television table, she caught it again – then let it go.  Youngest son subsequently caught it in a plastic container.  We proceeded to set up a larger container lined with an old dusting rag (Pfft! like I’m going to use that any time soon).  We next added a bottle cap of water which it appreciated right away.

house mouse

To make things interesting, we snipped some cat grass to provide a bed.  Youngest added small chunks of cucumber and a few sesame seeds from the pantry.  Just for irony, I dropped in a few chunks of the special cat food.

He / it had a nice lunch then curled up in the corner for a nap.

Yes, we washed our hands well after all that.  I’m still doing some research to make sure it’s not one of those deadly deer mice.  

To the untrained sympathetic eye, it appears harmless.  Someone called it Fievel.  Damn!  Don’t give it a name because – awwwuh, but he’s so cute.

We eventually need to decide what to do with it.  For the present, it just felt right to show some mercy and kindness.

Miss Tabby may not agree.

Miss Tabby cat on her pedestal

Miss Tabby on her pedestal



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3 Responses to Mercy for the mouse

  1. Depends on the definition of “mercy” and “kindness”, I suspect. Miss Tabby will have her own definitions for those words, won’t she?

  2. shewrite63 says:

    I have not witnessed much mercy from Miss Tabby in many cases.
    One young person informed me that Fievel mouse was set free outdoors yesterday afternoon, into a tree after a big lunch of seeds and raisins.

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