Lazy roommates

Offering up a fur ball of cat pictures and commentary from the #CatLadyInTraining. 

When I arrived home from work Friday evening, I found both cats in my room.

Usually Miss Tabby reigns in the living room area.  It has been a while since she has graced my bed with her presence.  I assumed because she’s too lazy or fat to jump up that high. 

tabby cat lying on bed

Our other roommate was in his usual spot, making himself comfortable beside my pillows.  He either was looking guilty or hopeful that I remembered to pick up more canned food on the way home from work.

black cat

I did not pick up any provisions on the way home.  After waiting for two buses in the winter evening, I was tired and hungry, and looking forward to the pizza and ginger ale ordered by one of the three human roommates.

Sometimes you just want to change into your pyjamas and kick back to watch a movie or your favourite TV comedies.  And that’s what I did.

Snuggles seemed dismissive yet was on the clock with rousing me up to serve breakfast this morning.

black cat on window seat with captions



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