Cats, comics and getting through winter

The Tabby cat was not amused when we invaded her comfort zone with comic books dug out from bookcases and dusty shelves.

It wasn’t the first time I had used her for some comical distraction.

Comic Book Collection and Tabby Cat

Comic Book Collection and Tabby Cat

One resident youth and I spent part of Saturday morning discussing ideas for an up-coming event at which Ottawa comic book artists and publishers will speak as panelists, defending the topic of Comic Books, Graphic Novels as Literary Art.

In a way, a couple of my young adult children influenced the idea almost a year ago with their distractions of reading and creating comics instead of helping with chores on a regular basis or navigating a lucrative career path.

As a former child, a child at heart and a mother I can agree that reading comics provides enjoyment while curled up in one’s own comfort zone.  

I suggested the idea last summer at a planning meeting, as a presentation topic for one of my writing group’s monthly events. The other Board members agreed.

Of course, when one suggests new ideas or recommends a change, one is expected to lead the way with a reasonable proposal and manageable outline.  One also may need to solicit help from willing participants.

I look forward to this event for many reasons:

  1. It’s a nice opportunity to learn and be entertained;
  2. It’s a nice way to meet new people;
  3. It satisfies my urges to nurture an idea into reality;
  4. It helps me acknowledge and respect that others may have different tastes and appreciation for reading material, stories and characters;
  5. It encourages dialogue with my young folk in sharing their interests;
  6. It provides whimsy and a creative distraction to navigate through stressful weeks and the cold, dark winter months.
comic books garfield geneva comic

Geneva Tabby and Garfield Comic books

Stay tuned.  Follow my pen name and new Twitter friends as we prepare for this March 27th event!


So, what were some of your favourite comic books as a kid (big and small)? Join us by hopping in on the #FavComics hashtag or commenting below.

Please enjoy a 2007 Comic Life creation based on my two favourite characters, recently dug out of the dusty digital archives:

Comic Life sample with cat photos 2006-2007

Comic Life with cat photos 2006-2007

Thanks for dropping by and not disturbing the kitteh – well, any more than I already have!



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