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Cats and winter sports – Bah!

Well, they opened a section of the Rideau Canal for skaters yesterday. I am not a willing participant in crowded events – especially those involving bone-chilling temperatures, shrieking children and sharp objects. I do enjoy the occasional leaky cup of hot chocolate … Continue reading

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Cats, comics and getting through winter

The Tabby cat was not amused when we invaded her comfort zone with comic books dug out from bookcases and dusty shelves. It wasn’t the first time I had used her for some comical distraction. One resident youth and I spent … Continue reading

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Weaving thoughts in winter

It’s winter in Canada.  Who knew? All this snow, wind and cold … it’s what’s expected.   We are thankful in our part of Eastern Ontario that we still have electricity – and the Internet.  My thoughts are with fellow … Continue reading

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