Surviving the stinky summer

Summer is almost over and I sure won’t miss it.

I don’t think the cats will either.

Tabby Cat surviving the heat

Tabby Cat surviving the heat beside the air conditioner

We had too many heatwaves in the Ottawa Valley, too many hot, sticky days and uncomfortable nights. Blerg! At least the morning walks were refreshing but some days, the air was moist and heavy.

I had to put a thin towel under my laptop when I was doing my homework.

Black cat and laptop

The cat on lap helped me focus on my homework

I got in a fair bit of writing over the past few months, but mostly for school assignments. I am so relieved that the semester is over! It was a challenge with two night classes and working full-time.

I’m at the tail end of an email server migration for work this weekend. It has been six years since the previous one.

This morning I spent quality time with my furry darlings in-between testing things.

Black Cat on lap surprised

Every day is Black Cat Appreciation Day around here (or BC tolerance Day)

Otherwise, my writing activities lately involve letters and birthday cards for my grandchildren. I’m going to encourage them to learn cursive too. That way, they will be the chosen few who can read the scripts of ancient times before 2018.

Thanks for dropping by and not disturbing the Tabby.

What are you writing or working on?



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An unbearable self-realization

It’s the end of April and it still doesn’t feel like spring in the Ottawa Valley.

The weather people still use “flurries” in their forecast vocabulary. I think the landlord has already turned off the heat in our building. Time to write another admonishing email.

My inner grumpy bear wanted to sleep from January 2nd to March 20th, to burn off all the fat that I so efficiently added on over the previous months.

Just getting to the day job by public transit and home again during the winter was gruelling. Instead of having the luxury to sleep during those dark months, I binged on NetFlix and nibbled on tasty treats when I got home.

Black cat ipad bear sketch

“Oh, Mistress. I can’t bear to look!”

A couple of weeks ago, when my stretchy Mom Jeans were feeling snug, I decided I had enough. I pushed myself out for morning walks around the neighbourhood. It was time well spent instead of in front of a screen.

I wrote motivational reminders and posted them around le petit apartment.

It has been nine days straight of getting out there – even in the rain! What I like about the early morning walks is that the fresh air and chattering birds provide added inspiration to my semi waking state. I still have to wear layers and gloves. Things are still brown and grey. There is hope that Spring will come…


Early morning stroll,
I tiptoe through the dew worms,
drenched on the sidewalk.

Awash in birdsong
umbrella drum taps with rain
coaxing out the green

It’s hard work convincing your difficult, stubborn self to get out there – as weather permits. If you can’t, there’s always that yoga mat waiting to be unrolled again.

Thanks for dropping by. What are you doing to sweep away the winter funk and dust?



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Yes you can complain about the weather but

You can complain, commiserate with other locals but after that you just suck it up – or write silly poetry.

black cat at laptop

Mr. Snuggles asking for some #caturday affection – or more Fancy Feast

It was early on Saturday morning and I was preparing to venture out for the day. The cats were fed and one took to her favourite spot for an after-breakfast nap. The other took to my lap for attention and to commiserate about the sh*tty weekend weather  forecast.

I took to writing a humorous ditty about the weather, cats and menopause memory.

He comes to warm his balcony toes, 
and bless me with >^..^< his cold, wet nose.
The weather forecast looks a mess,
I swear I don’t know how to dress!
Rain gear, layers and boots by chance?
As long as I don’t forget my pants.

TAJ April 14, 2018

Hope you liked that. You might also like a recent post at Deep Blonde Thoughts where I opine about the state of Ottawa’s public transportation services. If you’re a bus mouse like me, you can surely relate.

Thanks for dropping by and not waking the Tabby.



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