Venturing farther from home

It was a restful, productive and otherwise quiet weekend during this pandemic. The high point was when we put a new collar on the cat.

She enjoys her new home, a house with stairs and a yard. The human servant is elated to have our own laundry facilities instead of relying on the communal laundry room that presented concerns about cleanliness and building security.

The cat has been enjoying her new porch and yard, the feel of grass under her paws after ten years of apartment life with only a balcony to the outdoors. She has also discovered gaps under the fence where she can squeeze through and explore the common yard before her humans have noticed. Being a plump old girl of 15 years, she doesn’t jump higher than two feet these days, not like the neighbourhood boy cats who like to visit her yard with intentions to say “hello”.

Posh Tabby with her new rhinestone studded collar

I think the rhinestone studded collar gives her a sense of stylish authority as she observes her domain from high vantage points or hides behind the porch steps to ambush and chase the furry boys out of our yard. It’s quite the entertainment!

Staying close to our own community

We don’t let her wander far without supervision.

Her human housemates are still staying close to home during Step 3 of Ontario’s reopening roadmap during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Being introverted personalities anyway, we are in no rush to join crowds at restaurants and theatres. We continue to work from home and only venture out for necessities or walks through nearby nature.

We had our first jab of the vaccine in June and plan to get the second one by the end of summer. One dilemma is waiting to get the same flavour as the first jab or believe the advice of health professionals to get the other MNRA shot. A friend mentioned that if you mix the brands, you won’t qualify to travel on some airlines. Well, it’s not like I’m in any hurry to sit in a tin can of recirculated air for two or more hours.

Gradual progress

We recently accepted single visitors to our home, masks on while inside for a quick tour then masks off while enjoying refreshments distanced on the porch and little yard. It felt so good to see family and friends “in real space” again.

How about you? Are you keeping within your bubbles and not taking risks with extroverted, crowded activities? I really don’t want us to go through a fourth wave and having to experience variants of this horrible virus.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe. Be kind.


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The Universe listens

Feeling down the other night, I wrote a letter by hand to the Universe. It responded with a text message.

Since he had found a few quiet minutes while running errands outside his noisy home, we chatted on the phone for a brief catch-up call. It made me happy.

Has this ever happened to you?


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Humans and their books

It had been over a month since the servant woman could see, touch and listen to her friends.

I am speaking of her books, the objects that represent interests, hobbies and dreams. They were still packed in wine boxes and piled in various corners of our new, crowded rental.

A strange human habit

She says that for some humans, it’s important to display your books in a home library, accessible for selective reading and visible for visitors to your home. The human says it’s not a snobby, “look at me, I can read” thing; it’s more of a “get to know me and my interests” thing.

But who has visitors to their home during a pandemic?

One humid Saturday, she spent most of the day in the lower level of our home to unpack books, categorize and find space for them in one of the bookcases we brought along with the move. She says it broke her heart to discard two others because there wouldn’t be enough room.

I don’t see what the problem is. We have room on the main level for three bookcases but they don’t all contain books. She says when you live in limited rental space, you have to go vertical to accommodate your home office supplies, writing and creativity references – and plants.

The Tabby Cat appreciates having her familiar comforts in our new home.

The houseplants deserve their own shelving unit, close to the window for sunshine and fresh air. They make us feel happy and relaxed. I am glad that the humans cleared away most of the boxes and other clutter lingering here since the move. (Saunter over to The Tabby Cat survived the move.)

The rooms in the lower level don’t provide much smooth wall space for positioning book cases – especially if you wanted to anchor something securely to the wall.

The servant woman had to place a small bookcase in her closet (for those esoteric categories in her personal library). I like snooping around in there whenever I get the chance.

Your local wine store can provide you with empty boxes that are perfect for packing books.

She decided on the most suitable spot in the bedroom for the larger bookcase. With limited surfaces available, she had to find a home for the stereo.

Next to books, she says having access to music is very important to her well-being.

She had to move the stereo down one level because she could not see the LCD display properly when turning the radio to different stations. It sucks to be short. I should know.

The Tabby Cat approves of this new arrangement

I see that Teddy Bear has made an appearance again. Apparently, he holds sentimental value.

She says she feels satisfied with being able to get the house in order this weekend.

What’s a week end?

Thanks for dropping by. Be safe. Be kind.

Geneva Tabby >^..^< Cat

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