A possible recurring character

I have been consuming sufficient quantities of coffee this morning. I find that the caffeine gets my brain cells jittering around with wonderful, whimsical ideas. It also encourages  a good BM :-}


Lately I have been encouraging myself to do one sketch a day on my shiny new iPad. I have been inspired and motivated after reading The Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron.

I am open to inspiration for recurring characters and likeable themes in a children’s book.

This guy keeps coming up.


If Geneva doesn’t up the cuteness factor, Snuggles just may become my new inspiration and meuws.

What do you think?



Thanks for dropping by. Wander over to my pen name’s blog where she writes about the vanities of growing up Catholic.

And thanks for not disturbing the Tabby.



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Ideas board

I have embraced the BS post-its method for those children’s book ideas dancing in my pretty little head.


You can call it Brainstorming or Brainwriting.  It’s an approach I used in the past, while planning a year of events with my old writing group. It’s also a handy requirements elicitation technique  from a Business Analysis program I recently completed. Yay, me!

A couple of weeks ago I visited the nearby office supply store and purchased oodles of pastel-coloured post-its, two dark Sharpies and a package of colourful markers.


Colourful Markers in a mug. Black cat on my lap.

As for the Ideas Board surface, I needed something that I could pull out to hang in a cramped space when needed, and to tuck away when I want to make the place look tidy. I  re-purposed a fold-down calendar, something received from an office printing service. I just knew last year that there would be a good use for it after I reused the calendar pages for note paper then stuffed the support surface with all the pen and paper related treasures I hoard in my shelves ;-^

I don’t know if I will re-use some of the drawings I did 35 years ago but I know I really want to recapture that childlike view and just embrace some whimsy while I slog through the adult working world.


How about you? What do you use to get your ideas out and ready for coherent assembly? Do you also feel the challenges of balancing that inner child artist and the professional adult persona?

Since it’s the Family Day holiday and most of my offspring are away, I will embrace the opportunity to share in home maintenance with one of them plus nurture my inner child.

Thanks for dropping by – and not disturbing the Tabby.


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That darn cat

It’s a holiday Monday in Ontario but that didn’t stop the little bastard from waking me up early.


Having pets teaches one about compassion and care for lesser creatures. I sometimes wonder if they think they are the superior beings.

You can follow that line of thought over on Flo’s blog.  In-between activities for that children’s book idea, we’re going to the memory files for nuggets to share with lucky readers. As you know, the Internet doesn’t have enough funny cat pictures.


Thanks for dropping by.




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Priming the drawing pencil and creative juices

So… I bought myself an iPad – the newest, fastest and biggest model available.

It was a gift of current technology and consolation for me having to support Windows PCs during the work week. ;-^

I also sprung for the $129 pencil. I hope it will enhance my drawing skills for that bright idea of publishing a children’s book. 😉  The resident comic artiste helped me with available apps and drawing techniques.

My first drawing was a houseplant. That’s safe enough.

drawing of a houseplantAfter a few doodles, I created a representation of what it’s like to wait for buses in the Ottawa Valley. The weather here has been fluctuating from frigid cold to rain to cold again.

drawing of bus commuter bundled up

Waiting for buses in Ottawa

Last night while watching an archeological documentary about Australia’s coasts, I drew a darling of a cat.

drawing of a kitten

Soft kitty, warm kitty…

As I was refining the lines and humming a familiar tune, Snuggles jumped on the recliner to see what I was doing – and get some attention.

black cat comic word bubble kitten drawing

Snugs comments on my first iPad kitten drawing

This is a different reaction from his comments earlier this month.

Black cat at computer comic about book ideas

Snuggles has suggestions

On a serious note, I am playing with ideas for a children’s book, something to gift to my grandchildren. It’s one of my goals for 2017, to get it started at least.

Thanks for dropping by, and not disturbing the Tabby. What are you working on these days?


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Those decorations are still up…

It’s Little Christmas this weekend, as we called it during the Catholic Church days.

Therefore, the decorations are still up. They may be up for a while, especially those colourful, blink-y lights. They make me happy during long winter nights. They also help to distract me from the nasty sh!t that’s going on in the world these days.

I digress…

How about you? Have you taken down your decorations yet?

Permit me to share a cute “beside the Christmas tree” exchange between the cats this morning. Frequent readers will remember some of the pre-Christmas antics.

comiccaturdayjan72017-1 comiccaturdayjan72017-2 comiccaturdayjan72017-3 comiccaturdayjan72017-4 comiccaturdayjan72017-5 comiccaturdayjan72017-6Wishing you a happy #Caturday and bright, sunshine-y weekend!

Thanks for dropping by. Why not visit my pen name’s blog to learn about that novel?



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New year, new possibilities

It’s a new year, a new day. My imagination is pregnant with ideas and creative possibilities.

Over at another blog, my pen name is writing about withdrawal symptoms while missing bookshop shifts, embracing her inner child and pondering ideas for children’s books.

At the Deep Blonde Thoughts blog, I recently posted a timely entry about seasons – along with another time-lapsed photography project. It’s pretty cool – and a bit obsessive but that’s the way we roll… 

Mr. Snuggles heard that I want to write a book for children. He suggested possible characters.

Black cat at computer comic about book ideas

Snuggles has suggestions

Well, I can think of one possible title already, thanks to the furry roommates: “Resident Cats and Other Household Gods”.  Remember – you heard it here first. We already have sufficient fodder for illustrations, photos and comics!  It’s just a matter of convincing people to shell out money to read it…

Thanks for dropping by and not disturbing the Tabby. How’s your writing, creative process coming along?



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The last Caturday of 2016

Some people I know thought it was a sh!tty year.

For me, it was a pretty good one. Regardless, let’s just bury the bad memories in the litter box and pussy-foot optimistically towards a happy new year.

comic of cats sitting by a window and Christmas tree

Thanks for following and tolerating my whimsy on this blog. You can also visit the Deep Blonde Thoughts blog or my pen name’s blog to see what she is up to.



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