Creative writing during a pandemic

It has been a challenge to sit down and write meaningful prose the past six weeks while in lock-down. 

I updated my wellness journal and my diary aka journal of the incidental and mundane.

I attempted to write intelligent essay answers for the final exam in a course I just completed. Yuck.

I had a bout of observational wisdom to record how I had been feeling the past few weeks.

“Self-isolation and #stayhome decrees during a pandemic are easy adjustments for an introvert agoraphobe”

— Little Blonde Jots, April 19, 2020

little blonde jots tag about pandemic and introverts

Little Blonde Jots

If you appreciate shorter bursts of observational wisdom, you might like the Little Blonde Jots photo series.

Other than coping with pandemic logistics, hosting family, working remotely and still enjoying a paycheque, I have been watching as many TV comedies as possible. (Meander over to Deep Blonde Thoughts for a recent update). 

Most evenings, the Tabby Cat would join me on the couch for chin scratches and tummy rubs. I enjoy her company, patting her soft fur while contemplating our circumstances during commercial breaks. It is quite interesting to see how the advertising has changed for companies like fast food restaurants and car manufacturers.

It’s amazing how much we realize we can do without regarding luxuries and distractions. By doing groceries and cooking healthy meals at home, we are saving a lot of money by not ordering in. I feel bad about the beauty salons, bars and restaurants that are suffering losses but I know I can do without these things AND avoid possible transmission of the virus.

tabby cat lounging on the couch

Tabby Cat says “Could you keep the laughter down a bit please?”

We’re doing relatively okay despite world health conditions and having to endure repetitive reports of the tragic news out of Nova Scotia.

I hope you are okay. Thanks for dropping by. Take care of yourself and loved ones.



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In the margins

I used to be intrigued by the holy orders of the middle ages. 

Just think of how the monks spirited away religious books and scrolls, protecting them from invasion and destruction. Just think of the patience and talent as they huddled in seclusion to copy and illuminate precious manuscripts. Some got creative in their repetitive tedium to insert commentary and cartoon drawings. You might enjoy reading about them and other dedicated scribes in the book “The Story of Writing” by Donald Jackson. Read a review and commentary here.

Enter a modern-day, mature night-school student.

class notes doodle umbrella cat

Starting in 2018, I wrote notes diligently by hand, capturing the instructors’ experience and words of wisdom in addition to consuming their content-packed PowerPoint presentations. Some would instill us with their knowledge for longer than necessary – and with much repetition.

Hence the doodles to pass time while listening with one ear. Of course, most of my doodles involve cats.

class notes doodle cat

I feel like I’m in high school again but this time, being in the margins holds a different meaning.

I am a tail-end Boomer, an older IT worker in a world where employers prefer to hire younger workers and praise themselves publicly for it. My mature colleagues and friends are seeing shades of ageism. We will not be ignored and refuse to be discounted. Some of us are not ready to retire nor can we afford to.

If you wish to see more whimsical doodles in the margins, wander over to this web page.

Thanks for dropping by and not disturbing the kitteh.


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Geneva Tabby seems to have been enjoying my near-constant presence this past week.

Tabby cat being cute

The times I wasn’t keeping her company during stay-cation, I was outdoors with family and friends. You can read about it in my week of gratitude post over at the other blog.

Now it’s Sunday evening and I have to get back into the public transit commute and work day routine. Ugh. Geneva seemed concerned when I told her – or she was wondering where is the treat? Where is the darn treat you usually give me after taking my effing picture? 

Tabby cat concerned

The Tabby Cat looks concerned

Have a nice week!


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