Spaces of harmony, intention and sentimental love

On this long weekend I accomplished a lot, wanting to economize on space, time and money.

I tried a new recipe – solo. It was one of the favourite meals that one offspring would prepare often before moving out of the nest. I used to watch the process while lingering in the doorway of the small kitchen, breathing in the delicious aromas.

Well, I wanted it to be one of my projects this weekend, to prepare the meal all by myself. I succeeded, ate two servings and lived to tell the tale. Now I have plenty of freezer portions to bring for work lunches in addition to vegetarian chili and meaty pasta sauce.

Although I enjoy the social benefits, I need to cut back on expenses of lunches and dinners out. 

Caribbean (sweet) Potato Soup

Caribbean Potato Soup

I challenge their claim of “prep/total time: 30 minutes”. It took me much longer with all the vegetable preparations. 

Considering the investment into most ingredients (spices, oil, ginger root, etc.) I am likely  going to make this meal often over the winter.

Another project was rearranging the living room, putting the TV back at one wall instead of stuck in a corner. This was reversing what the Feng Shui consultant convinced me to do in 2018 during a home visit.

Once again I can see the TV from the dining table and kitchen door, which will provide a  convenient distraction while tackling homework this coming school year, or peeking from the kitchen as I stir soups and check on other meals.

The living room feels so much more welcoming, spacious and functional now. The television acts as a modern day fireplace with its viewing options through the over the air antenna, a DVD player and Netflix. To alleviate any inauspicious luck, I placed a few items, some Feng Shui “Allies” beside the electronics. I’m not superstitious at all. 

Then there’s the guest room, sometimes referred to by the cats as the forbidden room.

Another offspring has bounced away after occupying the room this summer. I still have not patched the hook and nail holes in the ceiling and walls since another offspring moved out.

The empty bedroom

The empty bedroom
Smudges and nail holes remain
Sentimental Mom

It’s like I’m holding onto memories of the times each of my trio occupied the room at various turns. I considered giving it a make-over with a few coats of fresh paint. I also considered the time, energy and cost of this undertaking if I plan to move in the next few years to a smaller, more affordable place.

I feel lucky to have the ample space. I like the idea of having a guest room, of providing comfort for visiting family and friends. There’s also my persistent plan of luring the youngest back home to live rent-free while seriously focusing on post secondary education.

I don’t like the idea of moving right now. I also don’t like that the landlord keeps applying to raise the rent above provincial guidelines year after year. I may stick it out for a while longer – until my furry roommate passes on.

“Did I hear you say “treat”?”

The elderly diabetic cat would get too stressed out by the commotion of packing and moving. I will wait until she leaves this earth instead of turning her comfortable little world upside down. After all, she is the remaining member of pampered cats and other household gods.

With all the domestic duties the past few days, I’m ready to go back to work!

So… how was your Labour Day weekend?



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Cat psychology

We have survived more heatwaves in Eastern Ontario and summer is almost over.

All I can say is “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!” 

My recent writing activities consist of instructional wiki pages at the workplace, cards of condolences, well-wishes for the hospitalized and sick, and happy birthday greetings. Activities also involve observations of people and resident cats.

Miss Geneva does not seem sad, does not seem to miss Mr. Snuggles. She goes about her daily activities and bodily functions. The first week of August was frustrating with me having to change the Puppy Pee Pads, spread old rags beside the edges of the litter boxes.

She seemed to think that having only her front paws in the litter box was sufficient when taking a pee.

text rant about cat litter activities

Two litter boxes and still we miss the mark

The solution seemed to be switching the location of the two litter boxes, with the pink one now on the right side. Miss Kitty has made no “mistakes” since. Go figure. 

shallow cat litter boxes

His and Hers litter pans

She enjoys having an extra water source close to her window bed.

She recognizes the sounds and activities as I prepare to administer the twice-daily Insulin shots. Since I offer treats before and after the shots, she cooperates very well!

tabby cat drinking plants' water jug

Miss Geneva Tabby enjoys a refreshing drink

She has been more affectionate with wanting to sit with me on the recliner for chin scratches and tummy rubs.

She does not seem pleased that I have placed obstacles on the armchair when it is not being used by humans.

Tabby cat on armchair

Geneva Tabby checking out the armchair situation

We entertained these questions seven years ago, wondering what cats thought about. For more knowledgeable resources on cat psychology, you can start with this Google search.

For more cat pictures and observations about pampered cats and other household gods, read this blog series my pen name started.

Thanks for dropping by. Do you have anecdotes and funny tales to share about cats that you know? 



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A sad farewell

We lost a member of the family this week.

Mr. Snuggles had become very sick the past few months and we had to make a decision about his quality of life.

Snuggles the cat 2002 to 2019 RIP cuddle buddy

I think the recent heatwave and humidity did him in. It almost did ME in. His kidney condition was getting worse; he became very dehydrated and limp.

First appointment I could get at the Vet’s office the next morning, I took him in. They provided treatment to keep him comfortable but we all agreed I had to make “the decision”.

They brought us to a quiet room to wait. I signed the papers and paid in advance. They gave me five minutes to say farewell to Snuggles. He looked awful and wouldn’t make eye contact with me. When they came in to perform the final step, I decided that I could not stay. I tearfully said goodbye to my little buddy, thanked the Vet and left him in their caring hands.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I must admit that I sleep better now and don’t have someone pre-empting my Zen Alarm clock in the mornings. I miss my bedtime cuddle buddy, my Cat on Lap motivator. I don’t miss the interrupted sleep and random messes.

It also appears that Miss Geneva Tabby doesn’t seem to miss him. I think she just tolerated his presence. She’s still our princess and Alpha cat after all those years.

Thanks for dropping by.


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