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Writing pleas about bags in trees

My recent writing activities included a poem about a plastic bag stuck in a nearby tree.  The sight of bags and other litter stuck in trees makes me sad. How about you? — Oh plastic bag in nearby tree, How … Continue reading

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Let it snow

My poem “A Plea for Snow” only won an honourable mention in a recent contest. I should be happy that it at least got a mention. I was impressed that: It came to me on my lunch hour that same day, … Continue reading

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SharePoint Poetry? Yes.

It has been a cold, dull winter’s day. I thought I’d put some creative writing skills to work, to express sentiments towards an awesome, browser-based collaboration platform I support. Let the Buddhist-leaning writer embrace the nerdy IT worker.  Are there … Continue reading

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Celebrating Dead Poets During National Poetry Month

So how are you celebrating National Poetry Month? Can you rub two words together to conjure an image or create a rhyme? I just haven’t had the heart, energy or talent lately.  I have been repressing the past, casting desperately for … Continue reading

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The secret is out

Darling old man, remove that hearing aid so that I can whisper sweet nothings into your ear. A poem dedicated to the charming, interesting and sometimes ornery old men who have crossed my path 🙂 October 31, 2010

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