Writers’ Web Strategy

This web page and its off-shoots were created in April 2012.  Thanks to those who offered comments and asked questions.

Announcing: 2013 Ottawa events on the topic of Social Media.

  • Thursday January 24: Effective use of Social Media by Authors and Writers
  • Saturday February 16: Social Media WORKSHOP for Authors, Editors and Publishers

See this web page for details:  http://oiw.ca/events.php

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How this all started:

For years I have enjoyed exploring the web, researching and testing out Internet technologies.  Even for someone who supports Information Technology and Web tools in her day job, the rapid changes in this field can be overwhelming at times.  Imagine how intimidating it can be for writers who just want to write, share and promote their work!

In early 2012, I was elected into a new role by my local writing group.  My main responsibility is to “Explore, research and recommend Internet technologies that will within reason, assist the organization and its members in reaching their goals.”

Over the next few months, we will seek answers for questions like:

  • Who is already using “social networking” SUCCESSFULLY?
  • What are our goals?
  • What is social networking vs. social media?
  • Where do I start?
  • When should I venture in and how often?
  • Why should I even bother?
  • How should I approach this as a writer or author?

Follow the links above or navigate via the menu items in the top banner.  Stay tuned for more posts where we will attempt to answer these questions through research, experimentation or by picking the brains of people who already have “been there, done that”.  I will post comments and opinions based on my own experiences as an author who uses the web for sharing and promoting her work.

The primary audience for this research mission is a group of Ottawa writers.  Visitors to this blog are welcome to contribute comments.  Only relevant comments will be approved.

Updated:  January 11, 2013 by T. Jobateh


7 Responses to Writers’ Web Strategy

  1. Randy Ray says:

    As an established writer I have one key interest in social networking … how do I use the various venues, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, to sell books? Seems to me the quick answer is that you use it to build interest in your books, then eventually to drive people to various places where they can buy your books, including your Web site and, of course, book stores and other outlets.

    As a publicist, I want to learn how to get the messages I am putting out on behalf of my clients to more people, in particular the younger folks who are heavily involved in social networking.

    OIW needs to bring in a speaker or speakers who can explain how to do this to its members.

  2. I need a basic workshop on how to use the software. I don’t think I need someone to tell me that it works. I’ll fiond that out myself by trying. I’m wondering if there is any research on whether social media are more effective than websites. I had a website that generated lots of contacts for me in the past. My current site is the pits but I’m thinking that my energy should go there very soon.


  3. shewrite63 says:

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Hopefully with additional members’ comments on goals and expectations, we will be able to pull together an informative and successful workshop.


  4. Ever since our local writing group went on Facebook I have been relying on it as tool to promote my books and have found it worthwhile and enjoyable. Thanks to all those who set it up and who are planning the new initiative we are now discussing.
    Here are some of my unreached goals and expectations:
    1) I’d like to make new contacts on Twitter, Facebook and Googe+plus, etc,.so we can trade comments about our writing and whatever other interests we share. If I can build up an online, self-multiplying network of readers I’ll have a place to promote and hopefully sell my books.
    2) On the same networks, I would like to visit with my family and close friends in order to share my news, memories, personal messages and appeals. My old group is the foundation of any success.
    3) While I’m able to do these things to a small extent, I don’t know how to navigate and access the potential of what to me are mazes. It would be valuable to hear from experts in specific sites with user-friendly details on how to know who you’re talking to, how not to unintentionally spam people, where and where not to click, what’s available, what pitfalls to avoid, etc.
    4) Once I’ve assembled my audience and know who they are, I can devise an effective message.

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