When and How Often?

When should I start?

  • There’s no time like the present!
  • If you’re a beginner with Internet and Web terminology, start by researching classes delivered by your local library or board of education.  This is a very important step.
  • Attend a Social Networking workshop hosted by your local writing group ;o)
  • If you have some experience under your belt, what are you waiting for? Get your domain registered.  Start a blog.  See the online presence tips on the Where to Start page.

How often should I post, share, +1 or tweet?

  • It depends…If you’re new, start slowly like… once a month.   I recommend taking an “organic” approach and testing the water with your toes before jumping in.  Explore your surroundings.   Observe others’ Tweets, blog posts and shares.  Toss in a stone and watch the ripples.
  • Join some related “communities”.  Build a following.  Retweet relevant Tweets. Comment on other’s blog posts.   Offer interesting and unique content on your own.  Pose questions.  See Where to Start.
    If any group member can provide proof of his or her own instant success, please post proof in the comments section, sharing your secrets…
  • Blog posts:  I recommend posting something relevant to your book or services at least once a month.  Did you have an observation to offer, comments on current events related to your work?   Do you have a question to pose and welcome comments from readers?  It doesn’t have to be long and complex.  Use white space, lists, facts, links and a little bit of humour.  Pictures work too!
  • Facebook shares:  It depends what you’re sharing.  When ever you have posted to your blog, share the link on your Facebook timeline or in a related group.  Ask nicely for people to “like” or “share”.   Some group admins get annoyed if people share self-promotional stuff too often or if shares are off-topic.  Some people become frustrated if Fb friends share too often.  Prepare to be shunned or worse – de-friended!
  • Google+ links and +1s:  Again, start slowly.  You don’t want to clog your circle of friends’ streams with posts and links.  Prepare to become de-circled.
  • Twitter tweets:  Start by following others and if you like what they’ve tweeted, retweet it or even reply with a thanks and a few words of wisdom to add (all under 140 characters).  If you’ve posted something to your blog, Tweet it.  Invite followers to read it.  Mention your followers and followees. Update your Twitter lists based on expertise or interest.  Temper your tweets.  If you tweet too often, you might find yourself unfollowed. Bye, bye, birdie… 

Updated:  July 2, 2012 by T. Jobateh


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