How should I approach this as a writer or author?

It depends … 

  • Do you have patience, time and web skills?  You will want to to approach it step by step, testing the waters.  See the tips on the Where to Start page and on the When and How Often page.
  • Are you still baffled by all the options?  Hire a publicist who is skilled in social networking and will be successful with promoting your work.

Do you know of any publicists who are savvy and successful with social networking?  Let us know.  Post the info in the comment box below.  Once approved, your comment will be publicly visible.  If you are shy, send me an email containing the contact info and bio.  After I’ve verified, I will update this web page with the contact details.

July 8, 2012 update:  If you live in or near Ottawa (Ontario, Canada), check out the Social Capital Conference set for July 21st.  You may find it helpful in learning more about effective social networking. 

July 28, 2012 update:  I attended the Social Capital Conference on behalf of my writing group.  Today I submitted a two-page report to the Board of Directors.  Many of the tips and advice I gathered were already identified in these Who, What, Where, When, Why and How pages. 

Updated:  July 28, 2012 by T. Jobateh


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