What are our goals?

This question is mainly for the members of my local writing group.  Since this page is publicly accessible, other writers and authors can also respond to the poll below.

What are some of our social networking goals? 

  1. Connect with other writers to share ideas and ask advice;
  2. Create a web presence for our work and our services;
  3. Promote our work and services online.

Please take a poll:

Submit relevant comments below.


Updated:  July 2, 2012 by T. Jobateh


2 Responses to What are our goals?

  1. Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair says:

    I would like to learn more about e-books this year and possibly try it.

    • shewrite63 says:

      Are you referring to publishing e-books? That would be a different type of seminar.

      One can use social networking to promote a new e-book (or paper book), gather “likes”, fans and potential readers. The nice thing about e-books is that it’s so much easier to provide free excerpts online.


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