Where to start?

Where do I start with being “online” and using “social networking”?

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Attend a seminar or course on safe use of email and web browsing.  Learn the terminology.  Learn how to type mail messages without SHOUTING and learn to browse the web without letting strangers put COOKIES and other nasty things on your computer. 
    1. Check if your school board has continuing education classes.
    2. Visit the web site for your local public library.
  2. Visit established authors’ web sites.  Explore and observe their techniques – especially if they are successful (as in, selling well)
Next, establish your online presence:  
  1. Get a domain name.  How?  Research and connect with a reputable domain registrar.  I recommend Webnames.ca.
  2. Create a web site.  How?  Pay someone to create a nicely designed web site that is easy for you to update.  You don’t want to be paying some bloke every time you want to add a page or update old content, now do you?  I recommend Webnames’ Web Builder tool.  You could alternately redirect your domain to one of your blogs.  That way, you already have control of the changes.
  3. Create a blog using one of the many free tools.  I recommend WordPress.com, Blogspot.ca.  Check the terms of use before committing.  Moderate comments (must be approved by you) else you will see a lot of comment spam clogging up your posts.  Approve relevant comments.
  4. Write something! Kind of silly, telling a writer to write

Write something!

  1. Okay, you have already written a book so why not write about it in your blog?  Mention key points, character development, challenges, etc. without being too “pushy”. 
  2. Connect the themes and key points of your work with current events or news stories (Google Alerts are great for setting keyword searches and keeping informed of related news).  
  3. Keep it brief.  
    1. When you post a blog entry, keep it short and clean.  
    2. Use “white space” to separate paragraphs.  
    3. Use lists ;o) 
    4. Use the blog entry as an introduction to a longer, complex piece of work then link to it.

Connect with others and build a following:

  1. Follow other writers’ blogs.
  2. Comment on other writers’ blogs.
  3. Link from your web site or blog to … other writers’ blogs.
  4. Encourage feedback to your blog posts (comments).
Get on Facebook:
  1. Read the terms of use and privacy policy before committing.
  2. Check and test your privacy settings.
  3. Build your friends list and sort by relevant groups (i.e. family, friends, writing, community, etc.)
  4. Join groups and “Like” other writers’ pages.
  5. Post links to your blog entries, inviting comments from friends and others.
  6. Create a special interest group if one doesn’t already exist.
  7. Create a Fan page for your book!
  8. Remind your friends to “Share” the links you have posted on Facebook.
Next:  See the When and How Often page

This page is evolving so do come back again…

Updated:  April 3, 2012 by T. Jobateh


4 Responses to Where to start?

  1. Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair says:

    I have been using Webnames’ Web Builder for years and I love it!
    Thank you, Theresa!

  2. shewrite63 says:

    Here are some current and helpful tips from Telus Business Solutions on building a budget-friendly website (August 2014).


    I really like WordPress.com, as you can tell from my multiple blogs :0)


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