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Caturday November 28th

The little bastard had me up at 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday. More like he was meowing and pawing at the resident artiste’s bedroom door so she came out to wake me up to “deal with your boy!”. I served … Continue reading

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Numbing the pain and escaping reality

My cats lead a boring yet comfortable life. They miss the back yard where they used to explore, play and chase critters away.  It has been three years since we moved to le petit apartment.  They don’t like it. One … Continue reading

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Happy New Year – Giddy-up!

Do you feel that energy galloping in?   It’s the Year of the Horse.  I hope to get in some celebrating tonight and this weekend. How about you? A couple of esoteric advisors have informed us that this is the … Continue reading

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