About that Novel

The Year of the Rabbit

A Novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness

by Florence T Lyon Released 2011

A young priest goes through the motions of following the teachings of the church in a small Georgian Bay town during the 1970s. He finds his true calling through unexpected encounters with his precocious love child. A little girl tries to make sense of her lonely world and sees the Year of the Rabbit as one of hope due to the birth of her illegitimate nephew.

New Ebook cover – July 2016


It’s a long story. Read about it here.

Reader comment - read the book in one sitting!

Ebook version:  September 2011

ebook cover for The Year of the Rabbit

ebook cover for The Year of the Rabbit

  • No trees were harmed.
  • No rabbits were harmed either.
  • Go to Smashwords.com where you can read or download a 20% sample then… purchase a copy in one of many supported formats.   YOU, dear reader get to set the price.  Smashwords recommends a 99 cent minimum.  I think that’s fair.Yes, you will need to create a Smashwords account.  The way I see it, that will provide you with opportunities to discover and read works by more indie authors.   Indie authors appreciate if readers post even a short review of how a book made them feel.  It makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Please do it! 

Reader comment - almost made me cry - twice

Print on Demand:  April 2011 [Removed November 2014]

The Year of the Rabbit - Novel POD book cover

November 2014: This early, experimental Print on Demand edition is no longer available.  We are working on a new one in-between day jobs, etc.  The next print edition should be out by …  2023. We’re in no hurry.  T 



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