Why bother?

Why should I even bother with this Internet thing?

  1. Where else are people going to learn about your book?
    1. Your publisher who will do all the promotion and sales on your behalf?  Ha!
    2. Traditional book store.  Perhaps.  If you can get your book in one of the rare, remaining ones.
    3. At your “meet the author” table in some book store or shopping mall?
    4. In the community newspaper?  Sure but then what?
    5. Your publicist?
  2. How are people going to learn more about you, the author?
    1. In the community newspaper?  Good start but rather “static”.
    2. Your publisher?
    3. Your publicist?
  3. How are you going to connect with other authors, writers, editors? 
    1. Real space meetings.  Yes!  That is still a good method.  Keep those personal relationships going.

This page is evolving so do come back again…

Updated:  April 1, 2012 by T. Jobateh


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