The cat grass grow-op

I used to grow small pots of cat grass for the darlings from seed. I also used to purchase small pots when time and energy were limited.

One particular darling used to find a way to barf it up in surprise locations around the home. So I stopped doing that silly human trick.

Recently I had an urge for a short-term, time-lapsed photography exercise. Someone had gifted me a sturdy, shallow wooden box. I thought “How nice it would be to grow a patch of grass for the cats to sit in while visiting the balcony.” Ah, yes.. the balcony…

Then logic crept in but quickly flew out the window when I thought “What if they try to eat the grass and get sick? Why don’t I just grow a patch of cat grass instead?”

crazy cat lady cat grass grow-op

The Cat grass grow-op begins

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Thanks for stopping by and not disturbing the Tabby. Do you need some cat grass by chance? Or a cat?

cats in livingroom and a box of fresh cat grass

A lazy Saturday afternoon with the cats, admiring the fruits of little labour



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