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Most local writers and artists may be aware of the Ottawa Citizen’s special product called “The Wrap“.   Weeks ago, a writing colleague proposed an article idea to promote The Novel.   After a few drafts, there was an interest to highlight my 2003 life-altering event, the recovery and writing therapy that followed – then the resulting novel.  I accommodated the request.

The Ottawa Citizen Wrap Sept 2011

With permission. The Ottawa Citizen Wrap Sept 2011

My desire to write and express flourished during a time of joy while raising my children.  It was a comfort and therapy during a dark period, a time of sadness due to a stifling and difficult home life.  Writing was a form of expression.  Along with reading copious books, it was an escape.  Through it all, I persistently clutched to the joy of living, the promising portal of light.

News article snippet Ottawa Sun 1997

A poem about writing

Poem Reflections in the Fall

Writing can be a public activity as well as a very personal, private one.  Being heard, read and appreciated can be very challenging considering the plethora of material already on the web and in print.  Rejection from anthologies and publishers can be enough to crush one’s spirit and desire to pursue  dreams.  All I can say is, keep on.  Keep on.  If you are frustrated, put your work aside and come back later with a fresh approach.  Share it with the trusted few.  Quietly pursue your desires for creativity and sharing.  Speak your heart.  Use wisely the technology available to you.  Use resources wisely as well.  Accept feedback with grace.

The Wrap wants to hear general interest stories from Ottawa citizens, neighbourhood news and information.  They also spotlight charities and non-profits.  Read more here

Read more about writing as therapy in this deep blonde thoughts blog entry.

Read excerpts from The Year of the Rabbit or download an Ebook sample.  Save a tree – buy the Ebook!

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December 2011 update:

Word from a local writing network is that The Ottawa Citizen has discontinued “The Wrap”.  As one group member put it “Its demise means another outlet for area writers has gone.”



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I am Theresa. I am a Mother, Grandmother and intermittent writer. I published a bittersweet novel in 2011 under the pen name of Florence T Lyon. I am also a real life survivor, community volunteer, Archives and Records Management graduate, and long-time IT support worker trying to keep up with technological changes. Can't eke a living off of my writing skills - yet!
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