The slow slog through November

We are nearing the end of one of the dullest, most depressing months of the year – November.

Warning: This post contains oodles of cat pictures.  It may take a while to load. Regardless, I feel that the Internet does not have enough  >^..^<  As compensation, this post contains more of the popular cat comics that followers seem to enjoy.

So… November. I pushed myself to continue my morning routine of stretching and breathing – with some interference and some coaching.  Some days, half the battle is getting started, getting dressed and out the door to catch that first bus in to the city. Ugh.

No, I did not take part in that month-long novel writing ordeal that others subject themselves to. I just don’t have the time.

black cat on yoga mat

Don’t mind me. I want to show you how it’s done.

tabby cat on yoga mat comic bubble

Half the battle is getting started.

I traveled for a funeral, a mini family reunion and a stroll down memory lane. Due to a limited mobile plan, I made do with no cell coverage in the Muskokas.

I quietly celebrated a loved one’s birthday, wishing him a happy day from afar.

It rained. Canadians survived the drama and incredible circus leading up to and after the US elections.

We experienced a Super Moon. I continued to perform my morning routines. Mr. Snuggles did too.

black cat on lap in front of computer screen

super moon nov 14

Super Moon Eastern Ontario November 14

Mr. Snuggles drove me crazy early mornings with wanting to go out on the balcony to howl at the moon (I think).

black cat at window

Full moons bring out the inner beast

It rained.  It rained again. I got a new cell phone and expanded coverage plan. Yay. I paid off all debts. Yipee! That’s one 2016 goal accomplished.

black cat on lap at computer

Morning routines and weather reports

In the Ottawa Valley, we got a bit of snow to lighten things up. Ha ha. I also pulled out my Daylight lamp to brighten up the mood during morning routines.

black cat comic bubble with snow shoveling request

To break up the weekly routine with things I love to do, I would spend three hours of bliss in a local book shop.

I read during the morning and evening commute.  Between the day job and creative writing attempts, I spent plenty of time in front of screens. At times I just wanted to kick back and enjoy some comedies or favourite Star Trek shows on Netflix. Escapism, anyone?

tabby cat in front of tvIt snowed cat in front of computer screenJust a few more days until December. Here’s wishing you a peaceful, joyful and frugal transition into the winter holidays.

Thanks for dropping by, waiting for the pictures to load and not disturbing the Tabby.

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