Cat psychology

We have survived more heatwaves in Eastern Ontario and summer is almost over.

All I can say is “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!” 

My recent writing activities consist of instructional wiki pages at the workplace, cards of condolences, well-wishes for the hospitalized and sick, and happy birthday greetings. Activities also involve observations of people and resident cats.

Miss Geneva does not seem sad, does not seem to miss Mr. Snuggles. She goes about her daily activities and bodily functions. The first week of August was frustrating with me having to change the Puppy Pee Pads, spread old rags beside the edges of the litter boxes.

She seemed to think that having only her front paws in the litter box was sufficient when taking a pee.

text rant about cat litter activities

Two litter boxes and still we miss the mark

The solution seemed to be switching the location of the two litter boxes, with the pink one now on the right side. Miss Kitty has made no “mistakes” since. Go figure. 

shallow cat litter boxes

His and Hers litter pans

She enjoys having an extra water source close to her window bed.

She recognizes the sounds and activities as I prepare to administer the twice-daily Insulin shots. Since I offer treats before and after the shots, she cooperates very well!

tabby cat drinking plants' water jug

Miss Geneva Tabby enjoys a refreshing drink

She has been more affectionate with wanting to sit with me on the recliner for chin scratches and tummy rubs.

She does not seem pleased that I have placed obstacles on the armchair when it is not being used by humans.

Tabby cat on armchair

Geneva Tabby checking out the armchair situation

We entertained these questions seven years ago, wondering what cats thought about. For more knowledgeable resources on cat psychology, you can start with this Google search.

For more cat pictures and observations about pampered cats and other household gods, read this blog series my pen name started.

Thanks for dropping by. Do you have anecdotes and funny tales to share about cats that you know? 




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